MM Camouflage CD not correct

camouflage skills cooldown is stuck in 20 seconds.
Equipped with the armor which increase use rate Marksman skills, but cooldown is not decreasing at all.Its been reported
by another player long time ago

Hi there Jokery, welcome :slight_smile:
This has indeed been reported before, and seems to be due to the shared CD Camouflage and Escape have. We’ll try to get it fixed in an agreeable way, hopefully in the next patch.

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thx for replying.good to hear from u.

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btw, the fire rating between 1st and 2nd shot under camouflage is still 2 sec, rest are fine, could u please fix them also?

This may be hard to fix since it’s not just that particular skill but looks like an engine limitation. The game generally seems to work in the way that a shot/hit that triggers a buff or condition is not itself influenced by what it triggered, only subsequent attacks benefit from it.

its fine, could be solved on my own, my i know when the next patch come out so camouflage could be fixed?

How Camouflage behaves is indeed much trickier than shared CDs. For reference, and hopefully some help in making better use of it, here are some relevant bits by Alternalo:

Now as for when the next patch will be released, I really can’t provide a date. We’ve been working on our first large expansion, and there’s been very little time to actually work on it since last time.
So I’d like to hope it’ll be before the end of the year, but I really can’t say that with any certainty before we can pick up work again.

its ok to wait as long as its been fixed, thx for all ur efforts :smile:

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