MM Nader build 1.5

With the new Patch so many items have come up that support grenades that i decided to write a new guide altogether.

What can you expect with a Nader? Well, loads of AOE, alot of skill juggling, the highest damaging strikes in the game, nearly no gun shooting, very good clearance of Maps BUT a bit scuffed against bosses (but doable), mega userate. For example one move that not many chars are able to pull off is running deep into a Cata Map heads on, finding the passageway, a gazillion of mobs push you and you simply unload everything and gently enter the now cleared treasure pasageway. We also have such a high userate, that escape nearly becomes a second sprint due to the high Escape Mastery. This guy is quick.

This is still a niche build and i wouldnt advise this for beginners or your first char.

First things first: the skilltree:

There is a bit of room for different distributions but the mainline goes:
-you max out all grenades except the flashcracker which gets only 1 point. And by maxing out we have a +1 Ihringers Case Helmet in mind which gives +1 to tactical and we aug +1 MM skills- this is the key item of the build.
-At least 2 points in each strike so we land at 4. We now have the option to switch to a strike weapon set and max out two strikes, preferably shock and awe and Napalm Strike for the most damage.
-One point in escape, we get Escape Mastery from an item.
-In the beacon tree we skill multibeacon with 3 points, so we end up with 5 thus having the same aoe as our nades. The rest of the points get distributed on beacon and ele beacon as you like. I stuff everything into beacon
-We get Multishot from an item

The Rotation
With all these skills what is the best way to use them? Well, we spam, that is for sure. The different nades have different fuses so a certain order “can” be usefull. For example Phase has the longest fuse, so throwing this first might benefit the later ones if it phases. But i have settled on Flashcracker first, so there is a chance to stun everything and it applies damage directy killing off annoying low hp mobs instantly. Followed by explosive grenade which is also on impact. That way you dish out damage quick. Then phase. And finally Toxic which is different to use as it allways flies a long way until it explodes so you have to make it bounce to hit close targets. Toxic can also be the first one as it is by far the strongest damaging one. It just depends.
You can weave in the blind grenade which has a longer cd but it is not working that good. In Talox fights however it is good as his adds do nothing for ages…
BUT you can just spam all 4 in rotation headlessly and it is all good. Just remember when toxic comes and adjust the throw.

Perks: Will Power, +AA, Splash, Power, Damage perks are good

Expertise: Damage, Eleattack, Powerreg, Powerpoints


-Helmet: As said one of the build making items is Ihringers Encasement with a +1 MM aug. This is not that easy to come by because the Helmet only has place for one aug. But many use this Helmet for Engi so there should be some for MM available. They can come with additional grenade or combat damage which would be godly

-Shoulder: Here we go for another new item, Fontaines Impressive Pair. They have massive userate which is key to this build, as you want to spam more and more nades. Also big powerreg which is needed for the spammage and they can come with Nade/Cobatdamage.

-Torso: Here we have two options. Either Techa Battlecore for even more userate and a bit of Damage or Reap3rs Reinforced Jacket. I prefer the latter as it comes with so much usefull stuff like extra splash, shield penetration (very important to have that somewhere and here it comes without a tradeoff between Grenade/Combat damage or shield pene), bonus nade damage on good rolls, health reg, stamina. Very usefull all around.

Belt: There is no dedicated unique Nader belt, so a good legendary or mythic quatermaster one with grenade/combat damage and Willpower/Power/Powerreg is good. Alternative and what i use is a heavenly Rifleman belt with inherent damage and userate and willpower/power.

Legs:The same as the belt lookout for userate of MM skills, damage (Rifleman), grenade/combat dammage (Quatermaster), maybe heavenly, Power,Willpower, Powerreg along those lines.
Lanzers Longrunners also can come with Combat or Grenade Damage and with good augs they may come in handy. I have Rifleman legpiece with damage/userate and alot of stats. You cant have enough userate.

Arms: Here we use another cool new item, Platinum Spans. It is a Quatermaster piece, that already has Combat Damage on it, which means it can be found with additonal Grenade Damge in the good version- so double damage! Then it gives another powerreg boost. AND as an arm piece it can be auged with userate of tactical skills, it doesnt get any better. The only other armpiece would be a Rifleman Armpiece with 6% userate of MM and 17% userate of tactical and damage and other usefull stuff but thats very rare and still not as good.

-Boots: We use good Kyles for Movement Speed, Escape Artist, Userate and Damage. Only go for something else if you use Lanzers as your leg Armor.

-Dye Kit: Scorched, we need to ignite bosses so this is needed

-Trinket: One of the few sources of ele damage to multiply our very high combat damage with is Squadros Ring. Preferably with ignite AND Mutlishot. Yes, here we get our 1 Point in Multishot from so we have the option to throw three grenades and strikes at once. Now, with Multishot each nade or strike only does 45% damage so in total they dont do that much more but against bosses you get 3 chances to procc status effect so they ignite easier. Thats an important thing to have.

The perfect Nader Weapons have 4 slots among one is a techslot, so you can slot more userate. The other slottypes dont matter as we put in combat damage mods anyways. We dont need willpower mods like in my first nader build as our power is being boosted by items and perks.
The easiest ones to come by are chromebolters as Tracy in Parilament Square has this in her loot for the Quest she gives and you can roll the loot until she offers a 4slot.
Now you only need something out of the following on them: combat damage, userate of tactical skills, decrease powercost of tactical skills, strikes or nade skills.

I have a second set with strike skills, so i have the option to throw maxed out strikes (2 of the 3).

The third set is also important as this is going to be the bosskiller and that is a Vodoo Rifle. It comes with high ignite (dont forget to slot at least 1% fire damage) and stun which is perfect. We cant kill Cata bosses with aoe only - not going to work. We need to ignite them. Therefore we have the Dyekit and Ele Attack Perk (and maybe the trinket) and Ele Beacon to boost our ignite chance, we use multishot to triple the proc rate of the vodoo (at point blank), the explosve grenade and the fire strike. And we slot ignite/combat damage/maybe a bit of bonus stun to be more safe. If you can, aug combat damage. We dont need userate auged on them or in the tech slot as we shoot in between two nades.
It is a bit of jumping around to evade hits and hoping for ignite proccs but they come. Morax can be an issue but they all go down (well, except Sydo NM - i had him at 60% when i lost my nerves and called in friends). Some mobs get stunlocked with the Vodoo. And if you count Cata clearance and Boss Killtime together the nader doesnt really lag behind.

Now thats it. I dont have a good video yet, but look what i can do. Have fun :slight_smile:


I have developed a new boss killing strat which i find very cool. Now, igniting is important to get down the Bosses as we dont have much single dps as naders. I used to use a Vodoo which is quite good at igniting but i found a new more reliable source of ignite and i had it in my hands all the time. If you have 1 point in rapid fire and i happened to have it on my trinket already you can pretty much insta ignite a boss by using it together with the chrome bolters you already have equipped as your nading weapon.

In my case i dont even had normal shoot set up on leftclick or anywhere as it didnt make sense to shoot the weapon when i can throw a nade. But with rapid you dont need that shoot icon setup, just trigger it and you shoot your bolters. But thats only a side effect to my setup.

Also with the the amount of tactical userate the nader has Rapid is available very often. The only problem is managing your health. So dont hit rapid when your health is low :slight_smile: