Multi-player server error

I finally managed to reinstall from my somewhat scratched (collectors edition) HG:L disc. The sp game runs fine, but I can’t launch the mp game. It looks like it’s trying to connect to the original FSS servers, like Shulgoth, and I get “Server name and address not resolved”.

Not sure if it’s connected, but on launching HG:L I get errors about not finding language.dat (also for the MP 2.0 TCv4 Patch) which I don’t seem to have. I vaguely, and perhaps incorrectly, remember that there with issues with that file when the game first came out.

Any suggestions for how I can resolve this issue? And thanks for the alpha!!

Had the same problem. Jump on Discord and give a shout out… someone gave me the link to dl the language.dat file.

@Bubba_Fett – thanks!

For anyone else with the same problem, language.dat (put in C:\Program File\Flagship Studios\Hellgate London\Data) consists of one line:


However, I’m still unable to login: get “Account name or password incorrect. (Error 401)” with the same credentials I use for this formum…maybe it just takes a while for them to migrate to the HG:L server?

did you try following the installation guide?

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np. Good luck with the rest of the install. Feel free to give me a shout if you need help once you’re in game.


I did try following the installation guide, but when I used Setup.exe to install the game it seemed to hang for however long I waited, so I tried the HGL_x64.msi installer instead, which worked. I see now that my original question is addressed at the bottom of the detailed installation guide that you linked, which I’d missed previously despite searching this site for further info.

I now have the right server, but I still can’t login to the game with the username/passwd that I signed up with. Is there something else I’m missing?

p.s. And thanks again to everyone who is responsible for putting HG:L online.

Edit: Ok thx all. Everything’s working now. Guess I’m just an idiot…

If it seemed to get “stuck” at about 70-80%, that’s normal, and it would’ve worked if you’d kept waiting. Copying to disk does tend to perform a bit better.

You previously said you were using the forum login, which isn’t the alpha login.

Did you click the orange button on the front page that says “Sign Up to Play”? That brings you to the alpha sign-up form:

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