Multiple installations?

Hey all,

As I’m sure people will wonder this; so far I know we need a full clean install of HG:L to play alpha… but can this in turn mean HG:L can be installed twice? One for all the modified SP and a seperate folder for HG:L clean SP and MP?

Yes, you can do that.
There is a catch, in that lodon2038 doesn’t need the sp patch, in fact I think it doesn’t work properly with it installed.
So you install the game, apply the 2 patches(sp and mp), then copy it to a new location.
Next you uninstall the original instance, then reinstall, applying only the mp patch(for london2038).
You could also use the -buildserver command on the copied instance, this creates the settings, screenshots, saves, etc folders into the copied games directory, keeping it separate from the lodon2038 version.
You add -buildserver (outside of the quotes) to the Target in the shortcut.