My Marksman build

I am finally set on my MM build and want to show it here. It is more of a jack of all trades build trying to get the most out of the different skill categories. I also love to use skills instead of running around gunning down everything by leftclicking and the occasional Multishot. I have taken into account a +1 Helmet and 3 Points from a ring - so i put the planner to level 53 and didnt max skills. The ammunition tree should read 9 (Ravager) 1 1.

There are some essentials like the whole dead eye tree with crit critdam and multishot of course.

I also place a point in Rapid Fire because sometimes you need more burst than just one multishot. It is good to have some stun in the gun when using rapid fire as it can save you while standing rooted.

Beacon i found is a power drain and doesnt scale up well so i only put 2 points in it to pimp it with elemental beacon, I left out multi beacon as it is completely too expensive.

One point in Sniper for the increased range in Cata runs when things get tricky (usefull i found but could be left out or auged on a secondary weapon but i like to have it at all times).

Tactical stance is very good value too: more range, more damage, more precision, combineable with multishot and with overshield adding a bit of tankiness in some situations. And when you really need to ignite something you get some benefit out of elemental vision (that point is optional though and depends if you have FX on your gun at all- i have a good amount of stun and a fire vodoo)

Ravager rounds max and one point in the other shots. This is where i took out points form my original leftclick build which had more in Rebounder but one has to make compromises

Then i love grenades and FX have become more important anyways, so i put as much as possible into Phase grenade and a point in Toxic so that i have a means to place Phase and Toxic (for fire i have a Vodoo). I usually only have Phase when running around as it gives damage and mitigation. Grenades are also a very good multishot opener. 3 phase grenades at point blank will most likely procc the effect and besides do considerable AOE damage which the MM lacks.

I also place a point into a strike as i have found even in cata 9 they do some damage and are pretty usefull to whittle down the pesky skimmers that swarm you. And a multishot strike can pack a punch even with one point. Strikes can also nicely be combined with escape because by hitting escape in the right moment you make mobs stay in the strike.
Combat skills are also a good additional aug on your main gun and you can actually use any of these because of the synergy - chances of a misaug are minimised.

Power should be high enough to hit multishot, strike and a grenade or two. This can lay down a pretty good opening barrage of AOEs when needed. For that i also carry a weapon set with additional combat skills.,53,50,0,v1.000011010033192066921010005100110