My thoughts on Guardian tank Vs Carnagor

As always, this is my own personal opinions and thoughts based on my own logic
and is in no way to be seen as a demand or in any way taken as a disrecpect
to the awesome job Omerta and his team of devs are doing.

Now to the point.

After these updates we’ve seen the Carnagor go from being the best tank in the game
to an absolute monster, being able to pull insane areas of mobs like a magnet.

And at the same time we’ve seen the Guardian tank go from pretty much non-functioning
to a much better and working tank, being able to taunt bosses and pull singletargets
from far away with a singeltarget taunt.

But here is the problem, imo. We currently have a tankingpet that, by far, outshines as
class who’s main purpose is taunting and tanking. I have tried turning this in all possible
ways and directions and i still can’t come up with a way to make the guardian a better
tank than the Carnagor without either reducing the Carnagor, or … boosting the guardians
tauntrange and strenght to godlike levels.

But i would be against that as well, since i have never been a fan of overpowering classes,
i just prefer them to work “as intended” and being able to do their job.

What differs the Carnagor and the guardian atm is that the guardians taunt, alltho smaller area,
is on a much much shorter cooldown and the guardian is MOBILE during his taunts,
while the Carnagor is locked in position but that doens’t matter because… it’s area of taunt
covers so far that they don’t really need to move… anywere, during the tauntphase.

I know Omerta and his fellow devs always has things up the sleeve in terms of what’s next
for hellgate and balancing. So i’m wondering, could the guardian be made a better tank than
the Carnagor, or is he already, and i’m totally missing it ?.

As always. Eternal thanks to Omerta and his fellow devs for their hard work and
giving us the chance to enjoy this game, with a wonderful community.

A Guardian heals all in his aura, shields from ranged attacks, don’t see how a carb can do that? My pick would mostly be guard …

One needs to consider, in order to make the guardian a good tank he will end up doing the least dmg of all chars in the game. Whereas a sumo with a Carnagor still belongs among or even is the best damage dealer in the game (who can still group heal via Broms). There is still something off here imho and i think the sumo is still outperforming. Have a sumo in you group an lean back is still the mantra.
I am no sumo expert really, maybe the sumos i played with have a hard time keeping their guys alive and are recasting eles all the time but i dont think that is the case. For a carnagor build it should mean in my book losing a ton of damage as for the Witch Doctor. But as it seems the other stuff (and the Carni itself) still does so much dmg that the lost warper dmg is negligible.
My Evoker eg is using ember with no minion armor or health and i was astonished to see him tank Sydonai Nightmare taking a couple of the blows that oneshot me and survive a full barrage of Polyps (ok he survived with only a few points left). I dont think he should do that if i dont invest in minion armor and health. It may be the same for the summoner. Stuff just lasts too long or doesnt die at all.

Well. After a few runs with a party on Squadro, and his hardhitting tanking army of minions,
we saw the upside to a guardian tank instead of a carnagor. When we ran with a carnagortank,
the 15sec CD on his taunt actually caused a few deaths because after his taunt wore off
and he couldn’t taunt for a while… people started getting agro and got smashed.

But when i played my guardian as a tank for the group, all i did was spamm my challenge
and energizers, and my team was safe.

So i guess we can determine that while Carnagor’s taunt covers a larger area,
he suffers from being stationary and longer CD, while the Guardian is mobile and
can literally spam the taunt.

Also, the Guardian is (usually) piloted by a better brain :slight_smile: .