Need Help to Skill my Blademaster

Hi you out there!

Its a plessure to play Hallgate again. Back in the Day we saw that this game had a big potential. And You gave the game what it wont to be that day.

My Blademaster got two Problems. He is lvl 13 and i skillt him to this Soj/Crit build that was done for the Alpha-Version.

Now i realised, that the skills dramatic changed to beta.
I got a Big Energie-Problem.

I done allready 5 Points in Soj.

Is Soj as only real dps spell Still available? Its allready possible to Play with the Crit Aura? Or Do i need Energie-Reg Aura?

Thank for every You can help me with this.

Yes SoJ is still good and 1 point in Crit Aura is mostly enough, i personaly dont use energie aura.
My tip use aoe weapons for clear and stronger weapons against bosses.

Edit: Ok i see your build now. It looks good, i dont put points in to charge, onslaught but instead use the unique armor to get those. I put one point in sweeping strike and crosscuter because i like an aktive playstyle and crosscutter is awesome.

Edit Edit: Acc gives now 0,5% dmg and str gives 1%/point. And crit dmg got nerfed.
Idk if Str or Acc is better atm but you are always crit and i think both are good options.
Maybe someone else here knows wich stat should be prioritized.

Cool thx man.

I think i try to get as much str as possible and try to find + critdmg items. I thinks ,) but dont know. in lvl 15 range thera are +100 critdmg relics

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