Network error when attaking mobs

So i’ve an evoker level 8 and now every time i get out of any station and attack any monster i kill it then the mobs freez and after 10 seconds i get network error message.

I run on windows 7 and both DX 9 and 10 did the same thing for me.

This is a bug I haven’t heard of yet.

Please continue testing it and write a bug report
Would say Omerta :grin::grin::grin::grin:

I’m having the same issue, but under Linux. Windows 10 is fine.

See here and also here. Somebody had a look at this issue previously with an indeterministic outcome.

If I had to guess then the server expects clients to send data in a specific format, but something happens to it along the way and the server then cannot handle it and thus aborts the connection. Perhaps RPC collects multiple messages and groups them into one, which then leads to a “larger than expected” message size. But one would really first need to look at what exactly the server is doing and what it expects to understand the nature of this issue.

I assumed it was an issue created by WINE/Linux, but as this is now also showing with Win 7 might this also be a server issue.

We had over 1300 closed alpha testers all using Windows without seeing this issue, so if it is a server problem it is an extreme edge case. By the sounds of it, something your client is receiving can’t be marshaled correctly. Do you have anything that would interfere with network traffic? Do you have any firewall or antivirus? Are you running over a proxy or VPN? Do you have all drivers up to day? What about all .NET versions?

ok It worked after i restarted my modem.
So it was from my end.

Ok an update to this.
The same error happened again.
Only this time i did a complete and clean install and it was solved 100%.

So for anyone having the same issue try to do a clean install "including removing every thing from Users\Documents\My Games.

This should solve it.