Network performance

Hi everyone, stoked to see the open alpha is out!

The setup of the new path was seamless, creating an account ditto and logging in for the “first time” worked fine as well.
Unfortunately that’s where the good news ended for me.

Once logged in I noticed I had a ping of about 105-120ms which makes the game… not ideal for me to play.

Had a quick trace-route and noticed the server(s) I was connecting to are located in Canada.
Since I’m so far away geographically, that’s a more than reasonable ping if this was any another random application.

Long story short - is there any plan/tech. availability to ever introduce a server that’s closer to Europe ?


Hi @Zarkozian
This ping of 100-130
It’s totally normal better than that and you can play great with the ping.
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As fruska says, a 105-120ms ping is more than enough to play just fine. This isn’t a twitch shooter or RTS. The game is very forgiving and you will find that you won’t even notice any latency.

We have hundreds of european testers playing just fine, Frusk for example is in Germany and has similar pings or even higher and plays end game content every day without a problem.


Right, maybe I just need to re-adjust from the way I was used to playing.

Seems to me like there’s a ~1s (not ms) delay between my activating a skill (eg. clicking 1, left-clicking, etc.) and the character performing the action on my templar.
Will try to play around with some ranged classes and see if there’s a difference.

I admit to not having played MP HG for a long while so maybe it was the same way previously and I’ve just forgotten.

I’m in the UK and although there is very occasionally noticeable lag, it is highly playable and no different to how I remember the network performance being when connecting to the Sydonai server (EU).

Also, this is ten times better than the ping and performance of Hellgate: Global. Now that game had lag!

Just to get on the feedback-train. My wife and i have no problems playing from germany (100MBit/s line), with a normal ping at around 120-170ms and that plays really good even though the ingame meter is practically constantly in the low yellow to red.

Spikes up to 300-400ms usually are not immediately noticable for us as the game seems to Catch up the damage and deliver it in one go after some small stuttering. We have noticable problems when ping spikes over 1000, but even yesterday at the test with 2.8k ping, the game was a dia-show and we didn’t die (but the mobs did).

For an alpha state, this is an exceptionally stable build (personal opinion :slight_smile: )

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We had a few network problems yesterday at the start of the Open Alpha. But during this time did we also receive an update and a firewall had been installed and now the ping time remains at a constant 100-125ms for me (2 yellow bars, from England) without any dips into the low reds.

Its working surprisingly well.