New Class: The Blade Gunner (concept introduction 3)



My last ‘its more a “Look what i made” then a class suggestion’ concept i made.
You will see that something weird is going on with how the skills look, more to that under design.
The last one was slow and a bit more “tanky”.
This class is the opposite.
The Blade Gunner prefers lighter Armor to move more quickly and to react fast enough to what might come.

The handling with the Gun mixed with their skills of the Sword let them do precise strikes, on the right place, very quickly.
Their Mobility let them go in and out to avoid any harm to them, Lighter Armor has their price.

“I dont need Armor, give me a Sword or a Gun.”


Sword Mastery

The fast and deadly skills of the Sword-Tree.
Become faster and do more damage, what do you need more?

Sword Mastery SKILLS

2 Surge of Light

Surge. Duration: 12 sec.
On Sword hit you have a 20% chance to get a Surge, Max 3.
You get 1% Melee speed per Surge.
Per Skill level: +1% To Melee speed. +5% Chance to get a Surge.

1 Surge of Reckoning

Surge. Duration: 12 sec.
On Sword hit you have a 20% chance to get a Surge, Max 3.
You get increased damage but decreased Armor.
Per Skill level: +15% Dmg, -3% Armor, +5% Chance to get a Surge.

Unbenannt Heavens Blessing

Buff. Duration: 15 sec. Cooldown: 25 sec.
You have increased Cooldown reduction.
Per Skill level: +20% increased Cooldown reduction. -1 sec to Cooldown of “Heavens Blessing”.

3 Surge Mastery

For Every Surge you get +To Interruped strength.
Increased Chance to get Surges.
Per Skill Level: +6 to Interruped strength. +4% Chance to get a Surge.

5 Sword of Anger

You Attack. Everytime your Attack hits, your Melee speed gets increased by 10%. Up to 5 times.
Duration 1,5 sec.
Per Skill level: +7% Damage.

6 Decapitating Strike

Skill. Cooldown: 5 sec.
Its Sweep but it decreases enemies Armor.
Per Skill Level: +10% Damage, +5% Decreased Armor.

7 judged by Justice

Skill. Cooldown: 10 sec.
You do 3 sec. long a repeating sword strike. A lot of “SoJ’s”
9 “SoJ’s” during the time.
Per Skill level: +10% Aoe +10% Damage.

8 Crosscutter

Its Crosscutter.

4 Even the Thunder

When you hit an enemie with your Sword, you get a Buff for 3 sec.
The Buff increases your Gun damage.
Per Skill level: +10% increased Damage with Guns.

space 2



The Skills and Utilitys for the Gun.
Specialized in slow Guns and Mobility.
And the Utility skills for every Gun.


2 First Strike

For every 15 Acc. you get 1% to Melee Speed.
For every 5 Acc. you get 1% to Movement Speed.
Per Skill level: +12 to Acc.

1 Even the Justice

Buff. Cooldown: 3 sec.
When you hit with your Gun your Sword gets increased Damage.
Per Skill level: +10% Damage.

5 Iron Bullets

Skill. Cooldown: 1sec.
You do 2 powerful quick Shots with your Gun. +100% Damage.
Per Skill level: +10% AoE.

8 Splitting Bullets

Skill. Cooldown: 1 sec.
You fire 2 more Projectiles with your Gun. More Projectiles as you put points into it. Like Demonspine.
Per Skill level: +1 Projectile at SL 2 / 4 / 6. +5% AoE.

9 Forged Wrath

Skill. Cooldown: 8 sec.
You do Wirlwind but fire with your Gun with 700/RPM in every direction.


In case that is not possible.

You stand still for 3 sec. and shoot 15 times with your Gun.
You shoot with 2 more Projectiles per shot.
Per Skill level: +10% to AoE.

6 Through Justice

Skill. Cooldown: 3 sec. Range: 15m.
Its like Path of Righteousness but changed numbers.
Per Skill level: +10% Damage, +1m.

7 Dash

Skill. Cooldown: 2 sec. Range: 15m.
Its like Path of Righteousness but you dont Attack / do Damage and dont need a Sword to do it.
Per Skill level: +1m.

10 Stun Gun

Skill. Cooldown: 3 sec.
Do a powerful Shot with your Gun with 1k Stun Sfx. and 100% increased Damage.
Per Skill level: +150 Stun SFX.

4 Black Powder

Skill. Cooldown: 10 sec.
Blind every enemie around you for 3 sec. 7m.
Per Skill level: +5% to AoE.

3 Grappling Hook

Skill. Cooldown: 5 Sec.
You Shoot 10 wide spread Grappling Hooks to pull up to 10 enemies to you.
Its like a Grabbling Gun on steroid.
Per Skill level: +150 to Stun SFX.

space 2



The Tree for your fast Shooting Guns, whether holding one or two.
And some avoidance, you will need it.

Gunsmanship SKILLS

2 Trust in Wrath

For every Acc. you get - 1 Shield.
For every 20 Acc. you get -1% Armor.
Every 6 Acc. you get 1% Damage.
Per Skill level: Every 6 / 5 / 4 / 3 / 2 Acc. +1% Damage.

7 Surge of Thunder

Its “Surge of Wrath” but getting Surges by hitting with your Gun and 20% start Chance to get Charges.
Per Skill level: +5% Chance to get a Surge.

3 Merciless Sacrifice

Skill. Cooldown: 50 sec. Duration: 30 sec.
You get increased Damage.
You get -30% Armor.
Per Skill level: +15% Damage.

10 Challenge

Its "Challenge*

11 Provoke

Its “Provoke”

4 Blessed Bullets

Gun-Buff. Cooldown: 15 sec. Duration: 10 sec. You can have only one Gun-Buff at the same time Active.
Your Projectiles have a Chance to retarget up to 3 times.
You have -30% Armor.
Per Skill level: +10% Chance.

5 Holy Bullets

Gun-Buff. Cooldown: 15 sec. Duration: 10 sec. You can have only one Gun-Buff at the same time Active.
You have -30% Armor.
You deal 100% increased Damage.
You Shoot 1 more Projectile. Like Multishot.
Per Skill level: More Projectiles per Shot at 5/10 and 10/10. +5% Damage.

6 Vow of Wrath

Gun-Buff. Cooldown: 25 sec. Duration: 10 sec. You can have only one Gun-Buff at the same time Active.
You take 10% increased Damage.
You have -40% Armor.
You have -100% Movement Speed.
You Shoot 1 more Projectile per shot.
Projectiles have a Chance to retarget up to 5 times.
Per Skill level: +13% Chance.

8 Holy Instinct

Its "Holy Instinct**

9 Aura of Deflection

Its “Aura of Deflection”

1 Critical Life

Every Acc. gives you -1 to Life.
Every 100 Acc. gives you % to Crit.
Per Skill level: +1% to Crit.

space 2


I wanted to close the gap between the Templars. The Sword/Gun, Gun/Gun Templar.

The Guns have, again, made it hard for me to balance between them.
But luckily with the experience made from the last concept i knew what to do.

I made two Skill-Tree’s. One is for Faster Guns and the other for the Slower ones.
To garantee that the Faster Guns doesnt benefit that much from the Slow Gun tree,
i did two things.
First, i gave the skills a Cooldown. The other thing i did was that they Shoot their own Projectiles.

A fast firing Gun that Shoots slow because of a Cooldown isnt good.
And the slower Guns are also on the same speed with each other. Making it easier to balance them.

Everything is Projectile based. All skills work with Projectiles only, because of balance reasons.

Less Defence and why does the Skills look weird:

The idea was to make a Glass-Cannon.
With somewhat of an Assassin playstyle by giving you Gun skills to “prepare” before you jump into the masses and slice them up.
The two Mobility skills let you jump in and out wich rounds the playstyle up.

To give you a reason to why you should do that at the first place, i made this class a Glass-Cannon.
You get Power, in exchange of Defence.
And i think i can still put more negative stuff in it.

To why some of the skills look kinda weird.

This happens when you get all wisdom teeth pulled out at once and you only live on 2 Smoothies per day for 7 days.
And do Brainstorming:




I wanted that the Skills look like Ancient Mosaic wich tell somewhat of a story.

Kinda like that but more Ancient and therfore simpler:

Mosaic Example


Sword and Gun:

The problem was, you cant Shoot and Attack at the same Time.

This is another reason why i choose skills over passives like those the marksman has.
This and the playstyle to “prepare” with the Gun and then Strike with the Sword made it possible.
Each gives strength to each other.

If you use your Gun, your Sword gets benefits and the other way around.
You will start to do combos. Another trait of Assassins.

The massive increase in Melee Speed letting you easily switch between Slicing and Shooting.
The Movement Speed makes you Mobile while wielding two Guns.


Don’t drink Smoothies, way too much sugar.


These are my three concepts wich i wanted to share.
Im actually exhausted. Making three concepts in a row in such a short time, maybe not my greatest idea but still worth it.

When i forgot something important to mention about the class, i will edit it.

I hope you liked the three. I will now go and finally cook something.

Have a nice day!

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PS: The Picture is from Hellgate: London.

The whirlwind shot and its alternative, what happens if i activate this with a Novagun or Starburst?

Its projectile only i should mention that everything is projectile based.

Edit: Eddit it under Design.