New Class: The Heavy Striker (concept introduction 2)



Ones again its more a “Look what i made” then a class suggestion.
The concept was simple but this was most likely the hardest one to make of the three.
To make this class, the choice of sound, animation and timing had to be done right.
I had the audacity to mix some skills up, this means it would need a lot of work to create those skills.
But, gosh darn, one in particular i would give idk what to see that ingame.
The Heavy Striker is specialised in heavy Weaponry. He is a walking Siege with his C.G.S, wich stands for Controlled Gravity SiegeKit. It is made to fire with massive power without breaking your bones.

The invading hords of Demons made it hard to hold the ground and the lack of knowledge even harder to go precisely against them. But who needs precision when you always hit, no matter where you shoot.

The Heavy Striker where the madmans under the soldiers, they run second to first to the masses, activating the C.G.S and holding the ground with the Templars on the front.

Nobody knows if its pure hatred against the demons, what they did to them, to the World or if they just having a blast.



This Tree is your Ammunition, the Bullets you choose to shoot with.

They work like auras but you can only have one at the same time active and its just for you, your allies dont get the effect of your bullets. Another difference is, when you switch to another bullet the other active one gets automaticly deactivated. There is a 0.1 - 0.2 sec Cooldown to not “fat finger” it.

By activating/switching, the soundfile of the reloading from the “XM108 Trident Launcher” gets played in a bit louder volume.

Ammunition SKILLS

acc-b-m Elementary Precision

You get for every 5 points in acc. +1 to Fire, Poison and Lightning Sfx.
You get for every 5 points in acc. +2% to Fire, Poison and Lightning damage.
At 400 acc. and 5/5 you get, Add 3% Fire, Poison and Lightning damage.
Your crit damage is 0%.
Per Skill level: For every 4,3,2,1 point in acc. you get +1 to Fire, Poison and Lightning Sfx. 5acc.
Example: at 5/5, 400acc. is +400 to Fire, Poison and Lightning Sfx.

bullet-belt1 Ammunition Mastery

Your rpm is 60.
Per Skill level: +10% dmg. At 10/10 its 100%.

AoE-b Expanding-Bullets

You get increased splash and field radius and Interrupt strength.
Per Skill level: +15% splash and field radius and +45 to interrupt strength.

mana-b Reloading-Bullets

Steal Mana per hit.
Per Skill level: +2 Mana Steal.

b-armor2 AP-Bullets

Spread decreased by 100%. Armor penetration, increased damage and -110% Splash and Field radius.
Per Skill level: +3% Armor penetration. +15% increased damage.

mirv1 MIRV-Bullets

For every hit, a MIRV jumps over the target and explodes. 5m. Effect from The “Nanodyne Hellcat MIRV”.
You get -50% Splash and Field radius and -50% damage.
Per Skill level: + to MIRV damage.

poison2 Nuclear-Bullets

You do a Poison explosion with field on hit. 2sec . 8m. Cooldown 0,6sec. Its the Summoner elemental nova but only the Toxic Elemental.
Per Skill level: +% to Poison damage and +to Poison Sfx.

lightning-b Tasing-Bullets

Fire Taser on hit. The Leechs from the Evoker gun.
Per Skill level: +% to Lightning damage and +to Lightning Sfx.

fire-b HEI-Bullets

You do a Fire explosion with field on hit. 2sec . 8m. Cooldown 0,6sec. Its the Summoner elemental nova but only the Fire Elemental.
Per Skill Level: +% to Fire damage and +to Fire Sfx.

atomic Radioactive-Bullets

Armor penetration debuff and decreases enemie movementspeed. 6 sec.
On hit 5% Chance to Poison for 2 sec.
Per Skill level: +4% to Armor penetration and +6% to decreases enemie movementspeed.

space 2


Siege Kit

The C.G.S is T-stance but on steroids. The hole Tree is about enhancing your C.G.S.
You are a Siege with massive support, as long you plant your self right that is.

Animation: You sit down, a Bot comes out of you (packpack?), hovers over your head and does the “Shield Wall” Shield effect.

Sound: Sitting down does the sound from “Anchor”, the Bot does a Bot? sound from comming out to creating the Shield. The Shield gets by activating the sound from “Arcane Shield”, it does not get the anoying sound from “Shield Wall” itself. After that you do a reloading / preparing sound for your gun.

Timing: Activating the C.G.S needs 2 sec! The same as turning it off again. To turn it on and off you need 4sec! You are immobile and cant do skills or attack during it.

Aura Effect: You get a Templar aura circle around you during the C.G.S, all players can see the circle. You get the “Aura of Deflection” animation. This is for helping others finding you better and where they have to stand in.

Siege Kit SKILLS

plant C.G.S

You do the C.G.S Animation, see above.
Your Critical strike chance is 0%. Your rpm is 0%.
Per Skill level: +30% damage.

p-poison Gas-Tank

Enemies taking more damage for 2sec on hit. Cooldown 0,6 sec.
Allies (Not you) in your C.G.S Aura get +300 Poison Sfx and add +1% to Poison damage.
Per Skill level: Enemies dmg taking +2%. +%Poison dmg. +to Poison Sfx. <== For you.

p-lightning C.G.S. - T.C.

Your Bot does Arc Legion, from Evoker, for 3sec on hit. Cooldown 0,6 sec.
Allies (Not you) in your C.G.S Aura get +300 Lightning Sfx and add +1% to Lightning damage.
Per Skill level: +%Lightning dmg. +to Lightning Sfx. <== For you.

p-fire Napalm-Tank

Hellfire on hit. 8m. Fire-Field duration: 1.5sec. Cooldown 0,6 sec.
Allies (Not you) in your C.G.S Aura get +300 Fire Sfx and add +1% to Fire damage.
Per Skill level: +%Fire dmg. +to Fire Sfx. <== For you.

p-mana Energie-Storage

You get + to max Power and increased Sfx defence.
Allies (Not you) get Mana regenaration.
Per Skill level: +50 to max Power. +20% to Sfx defence.

mines2 Loaded Mines

Every 3 sec. your Bot throws a bunch of Mines around you, to the border of your aura circle.
The Mines from the “Mine Layer” gun.
You get a Charge on hit. For every Charge, you get increased damage. Max: 10 Charges
Per Skill level: +1% to damage per Charge. + to Mine damage.

p-bullet3 Double-Barrel

You shoot an extra Projectile. Multishot but 1. Each shot deals 52% damage.
Per Skill level: +2% Damage. At 10/10 you have in total: Each shot deals 70% damage.

p-life MedKit

Increased Life. You heal X% Life everytime you activate C.G.S.
Allies (Not you) in the aura circle of C.G.S gets Healed. Every 5 sec. WD heal? Drone heal?
Per Skill level: Life increased by 20%. You Heal 6% Life when you activate C.G.S.

p-armor Iron Siege

You get Increased Armor.
Allies (Not you) in the aura circle of C.G.S get increased Armor.
Per Skill level: +42% to Armor. +15% Armor to Allies standing in the circle.

p-shield Shield-Module

Decreases Shield recharge delay. + to Shields.
Allies (Not you) get in the circle of the C.G.S every 8sec there Shield restored by X%.
Per Skill level: +150 to Shields. Decreased Shield recharge delay.

space 2


Heavy Fire

WARNING! I did go ham on those in therms of Animation. So much work, too much work to create them.
The Attack-Skills have extremely high mana cost.
Because of that i was able to use Power like a magazine.
If you have 300 Power you can do at best 3 Attack-Skills. The idea was that 100 Power equals one Bullet for one skill and therefore your power is like a Magazine for Attack-Skills.
More to that under Design.

Heavy Fire SKILLS

speed-ball Speed-Bomb

Tactical. Cooldown: 3 sec. Power-cost: 100. Can only be used outside of the C.G.S.
Fire a very fast cannon. Near instant. Very high damage. Splash and Field radius 7m. 1k Interrupt strength.
Per Skill level: +% Increased damage.

tactical-retreat Tactical Retreat

Tactical. Cooldown: 30 sec.
Become Invisible for 6sec if you Attack or us a Skill you get visible again but you can Activate and Deactivate C.G.S without losing the Invisibility.
Per Skill level: Cooldown -1 sec. +10% movement speed.

arcing-ball2 Arcing Ball

Tactical. Cooldown: 6 sec. Duration: 6 sec. Power-Cost: 200. Can only be used outside of the C.G.S.
Shoot a piercing Bullet. Near zero damage. Short range.
After detonating, out of the Bullet comes a hovering Bot wich does 4 "Arc Legion"s in each Cardinal direction one.
Per Skill level: +% Damage to Arc Legion.

artilerie1 Mass-Artillerie

Tactical. Cooldown: 7 sec. Power-Cost: 100. 7m. Can only be used outside of the C.G.S.
Do “Rapid Fire” but you shoot Smackdown Signals. Total: 10 Signals. After a Signal is Landing, a second later comes a Bullet, the one that you shoot from a Thermal Cannon, from above down.
They do Splash and Field damage and a Fire field for 2sec.
Per Skill level: +% to Damage.

acc-mastery-bulet1 Doubled Precision

Every 5 Acc. you get +1% increased damage and 1% Projectile speed.
At 400 Acc and 5/5 you fire one more Projectile. like “Multishot” but one.
Per Skill level: Every 4,3,2,1 Acc. you get 1% increased damage and 1% Projectile speed.

blindshot1 Blind Shot

Tactical. Cooldown: 15 sec. Duration: 3 sec. Power-cost: 100. Can only be used in C.G.S.
Shoot a Bullet wich on impact spreads a black powder, Blinding all enemies within 5m.
Per Skill level: +6% AoE.

schrapnell Shrapnel Blast

Tactical. Cooldown: 3sec. Power-Cost: 150. Can only be used in C.G.S.
Fire a short ranged, piercing Bullet. By Detonating, 3 Skullsplitter explosions, left, right and straight.
Less Fragments.
Per Skill level: +to Fragments.

repeatingshot Repeating Shot

Tactical. Cooldown: 8 sec. 6m. Power-cost 100. Can only be used in C.G.S.
You fire 10 “Thermal Cannon” Bullets in time intervals.
After the first shot 1sec / 0,6sec / 0,5sec / 0,4sec / 0,3sec / 0,2sec / 0,2 sec / 1sec last shot.
The last shot deals the same damage as the other 9 combined.
Per Skill level: +% Increased Damage.

bfg3 B.G.B / Be Gone Bomb

Tactical. Cooldown: 15 sec. Power-cost 300. Can only be used in C.G.S.

Your weapon charges up for 1 sec. like “Rapid Fire” with a very slow weapon.
Then you fire a “Thermal Cannon” Bullet. 7m. 1k Interrupt Strength.
Where the impact took place, 1 sec. later, a second detonation. Extremely high damage. 20m.
High Stun field for 3 sec.

Second detonation Animation: “Smackdown” Animation with “Thermal cannon” impact Animation but bigger?

Per Skill level: +% increased Damage.

space 2


The idea was to make slow weapons attractive. This was also to make it easier to rebalance slow weapons by giving them a certain element typ or by letting them fire multiple projectiles like shotguns.

By reducing the rpm to 60 you are forced to use slow weapons and i was able to balance the hole class around it. The same with crit. Without crit you have more gear and weapon choices.

Multiple bullets / hits with one shot, weapons like shotguns and some launchers, was where the MIRV-Bullets and the Mana = Magazine idea came from.

Multiple hits makes MIRV a very strong skill. Extra bullets benefits these weapons even more then others.
With the “Reloading-Bullets” skill, wich gives you power on hit, fills your power fast enough to use them as soon as they are ready.
Giving it an adventage over single bullet weapons like Snipers or Thermal Cannons.
space 2


The C.G.S is inspired of an old online game.
The Design was, dont just shoot, use the C.G.S, support others, be a beacon for your party members and
Plant yourself tactical, you are vulnerable in it.
You should feel like you are about to bring out the big guns.
And it also changes the gameplay of your party. They want to stand near you to get the benefits.
It also should feel, during leveling, good to “upgrade” your C.G.S.
space 2


The thought about Ammunition was to make you more active by changing the Bullets and giving you choices, you can adapt on the fly.
To enhance / change / adapt for every situation during combat wihout interrupting it.

As you can see, the Skill-Tree looks kinda weird connected.
The idea behind that was, that you have to put points into “Ammunition-Mastery” and still have the free choice over wich Bullets to spend points into.

Why was it important to force you to put at least 1 point into “Ammunition-Mastery”?
Then your rpm is limited to 60 and you cant abuse high crit speed weapons with MIRV and such.

space 2


I wanted good feeling skills, you should feel like somone with big guns.

I over did it.

You cant emagine how much work that was, testing every weapon, sound, timing / interval, animations.
Open other Games checking out how they doing it and the list goes on.
I did that because i find it most important, that it feels right, to fire a heavy weapon.

I did put two “Oh SHIT!” buttons in, just in case you misjudged your planting.

I made them all Tactical skills. Because you dont need crit, you can use Tactical cooldown reduction armor.
Its just to give you a bit more choice in gearing.
space 2


You dont crit, why going acc. and why should you try to reach high acc?
The " Doubled Precision" and “Elementary Precision” Passives where the answers to it.

It was to make Acc. interesting again.
space 2


space 2


The Ammunition and C.G.S idea i like the most and working even outside everything else.
Not the rpm or crit reducing part of course.
space 2

Hope you liked it!
Suggestions for changes and such are welcome.

Here the link to “concept introduction 1”:
New Class: The Rift Walker (concept introduction)


Excellent work again, major kudos for your creativity.

This actually hits fairly close to my old concept of a ranged tank Hunter. Not quite the same, but I still like that the role is unique enough for it to have a unique identity.
Never mind the effort to make slow guns appealing through unique effects, which I also find very justified and interesting.

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Do you have a link to that, maybe i have even read it and cant remember, was that in this forum?
Would be interested to what your idea was.

It was never made public that I know of, no. But it’s been sitting around for a good 3 years now, so might as well. Here it is.
Kindly note that this was a rough draft that’s more concerned with “how can we faithfully use FSS’s assets to fit a tank role, since there are(/were) few tankers - and them giving Strikes to the other two Hunters diminishes the Demolition role anyway, while we can’t reasonably remove them 10 to 13 years later” than with “what’s the complete gameplan for this class from start to finish”. Also, the skills mentioned there by name are all FSS’s, with mechanically possible suggested additions of my own only framing them as the core.

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Thx for sharing!

Funny, i see a bit more the Rift Walker in there but that might well be because both are melee range chars.

To the stealth mechanic, couldnt you just give him an aura wich deactivates stealth if X amount of enemies standing in? Then you could make skills wich increase the number and reducing the radius of the aura.

I know, you just wanted to use existing assets. It just went through my head.

Funnily, the stealth system (not to be confused with Escape-likes; this is a seemingly incomplete existing system) is somewhat more refined already. Assuming I understand it correctly (not a dev), enemies have a literal perception check against the player’s stealth, and the plan was for player skills to improve the reveal “roll”. The latter part obviously doesn’t work, but the former already (somewhat) does.
So yes, it’d definitely be feasible to patchwork around it, but my hope was to make as much use of it in its base form as possible.

You cant emagine how much work that was, testing every weapon, sound, timing / interval, animations.

so, is this class actually playable somewhere?

also, cool stuff! i recently made up some skill descriptions similar to yours, but nothing as coherent and, i think, i went a bit overboard with complexity.

Ohhh i see, interesting.

Yeah, i just wonder if it feels good in an action rpg, just because you can make it doesnt mean you should do it. °cough° escort °cough°.

I’m thinking about which arpg’s stealth have, the good thing is, that Hellgate is in 3. person.
This makes it more open for mechanics like that.

Hm i think it just depends on the cooldown of stealth. I mean when a Guardian and BM can go through why not the hunter.

Edit: OHHH i remember, guess wich game has some sort of a stealth mechanic: Diablo 2.
The Assassin with “Cloak of Shadows”. She is basically invisible unless she is near the enemies.
And its pretty good.

No, i tested it with all the other weapons and skills in game. I Took a stopwatch, made videos of firing the weapons and have them next to each other, stop one after a certain time of shooting to start immediately the other with the next gun to see how that would look, feel, as if it where one skill.

That sort of stuff.

I know that feel, i did that here too.
Its hard to hold back. Its just something you have to learn.

By the way you also can do icons of your own. It isnt that hard, i didnt made stuff like that ever before and i did them with Paint.

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Reads nice, would love to give that a go :slight_smile:

I’ve been working on some stuff myself which the dev team are aware of which is in this vein. I look forward to more development on this.