New Class: The Rift Walker (concept introduction)

The first thing i want to say is, i got the idea for the class a looong time ago and im still not to 100% happy with it, and this is more a “Look what i made” then a class suggestion, especially because the mechanic to wield a Sword and Focus at the same time doesn’t exist.
I noticed that i used the terms Spell Blade and Spell Sword. Spell Blade is a Blade master who uses magic. Spell Sword is a Mage who cast Swords.
The Rift Walker is a Cabalist who learned how to create rifts to the arcane plains of Hell, to strengthen his power. He can hold this power or unleash it upon his foes.
He is a Nimble fighter who relys on his Shields an Sfx defences instead of life and armor.
He also sliped over a puddle of spectral glue, landed face first on the ground and found a sword.
At this moment he knew, he needed a shower.


Spectral Blade

I made it easy to myself and just smashed the Evoker and Blademaster tree together.
As you can see, and will see, there are a lot of similarities in the skilltrees and skills.

The main mechanics of the Rift Walker are the Charges and the wielding of a Sword and Focus at the same time. You have a chance to get Charges by damaging enemies with your sword, up to 15 Charges.
You can gather the Charges to become more powerfull or to cast spells.

The “Spectral Blade” tree is all about Melee, Cursing enemies and getting/increasing the chance for Charges.

Spectral Blade SKILLS

d5 Brom’s Strike

Mark enemies with Brom’s curse by dealing dmg with your sword. +10% Chance to get a Charge.
Per Skill level: +3% chance to get a Charge. Increase the healing from Brom’s curse.

d31 Arcane Restoration

Spell. Cooldown: 5sec.
Unleash all Charges. Restore your shield for every Charge unleashed by 5%.
Per Skill level: + to shields, up to 400 for 8sec.

d6 Phasing Strike

Per Charge you have, you get + to Phase attack str. +10% Chance to get a Charge.
Per Skill level: + to Phase attack str. / +3% to get a Charge.

d42 Phasing Revenge

Spell. Cooldown: 5sec. Cost: 4 Charges.
Its basicly “Prayer of Retribution” but with Charge cost and changed numbers.

d9 Cursed Strike

Mark enemies with Spectral curse by dealing dmg with your sword. +10% Chance to get a Charge.
Per Skill level: Reduced movement speed for Spectral curse. +3% to get a Charge.

d39 In to the Rift

Spell. Cooldown: 60sec. Duration: 20sec.
Unleash all Charges. Use rate of all skills is increased. You gain 2 instead of 1 Charge. + To Evasion.
Every second you are Phased for 1,1sec (This is to prevent you from just healing the side effect).
Per Skill level: Increase use rate of Skills, up to 100%. + To Phase attack str. up to 400.

d10 Strike Mastery

Per Charge you gain 2% Movement speed and Melee speed Bonus. +10% Chance to get a Charge.
Per Skill level: +5% to get a Charge.

soj1 Lashing Sword

Its a changed version of Sword of Justice. Does lower dmg. Gets +7% Phase sfx per Charge you have.
Per Skill level: Damage increase. (Like SoJ but less)

sweep Phased Solution

BladeSkill. Cooldown: 5sec.
Its Sweeping Strike but with 100% increased Phase Sfx.
Per Skill level: + 25% to Phase sfx.

d20 Punishing Blow

BladeSkill. Cooldown: 6sec. (You should not gain Charges by using this Skill)
Its Sword of Authority but 300% Increased damage, 4m AoE attack, gets +10% Aoe per Charge you have.
Per Skill level: + Add % Spectral damage.

d4 Distorting Movement

Evasion, Max lvl ~40-50% Doge.
Per Skill level: + to Evasion.

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Phasing Sword

This three is all about sword throwing/casting its for a Spell Sword playstyle instead of a Spell Blade one.
Its focused on spectral damage and rewards you for using Spectral Swords.
It also makes you mobile.

Phasing Sword SKILLS

d12 Spectral Dash

BladeSkill. Cooldown: 3,5 sec.
Its “Charge” but 20m range and 80% increased Spectral dmg instead of 50% increased dmg.
Per Skill level: -0,5 sec to cooldown. Phase Sfx str. per Charge you have.

d11 Arcane Path

BladeSkill. Cooldown. 1,5 sec.
Its “Path of Righteousness” But you get Phase sfx str. per Charge you have.
Per Skill level: +20% to Spectral dmg.

d28 Phasing Air

SwordThrow. Cooldown: 1,5sec.
Its “Crosscutter” But When it hits an enemie, it creates a spectral field 2sec / 2m.
+5% AoE per Charge you have.
Per Skill level: +Spectral-Field dmg and Phase sfx str.

d29 Phasing Throw

Phasing Air will throw additional Swords parallel to each other (Old Demon Spine mech.)
+10% damage to SwordThrow skills for every Charge you have.
Per Skill level: Lvl 3,6 and 9 gives you +1 Sword to Phasing Air (Phasing Air throws then 4 Swords).

d37 Piercing Wrath

SwordThrow. Cooldown: 7sec. (You should not gain Charges by using this Skill)
Its “Sword Typon” But, unleash all Charges. 100% of Weapon dmg instead of 150%.
When it hits an enemie, it creates a spectral field 4sec / 3m. Per Charge unleashed +5% AoE, Phase Sfx.
Per Skill level: Swords and increased Spectral dmg.

d25 Throwing Hate

SwordThrow. Cooldown: 1sec.
Its “Crosscutter” But, No pierce, +80% increased spectral dmg and sticks an explosive on the target.
The Explosion: Fuse time: 0,1sec, 3m, Spectral dmg and +5% AoE per Charge you have.
Per Skill level: + To Phase Sfx str.

s23 Cutting Rift

SwordThrow. Cooldown: 4sec. (You should not gain Charges by using this Skill)
Its “Skull Splitter” But, The Animation from the thrown “Skull” is a Sword.
+20% Phase Sfx str. Per Charge you have.
Per Skill level: + To Fragments.

d36 Arcane Archive

Having Charges increases Spectral damage.
Per Skill level: +1% to Spectral dmg per Charge you have.

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This tree is about Defence and Spells.
The Rift Walker doesnt have much armor or life at all and rely heavily on shields and sfx def.


c2 Arcane Bound

You can wield a Focus and Sword at the same time.
Per Skill level: Adds +2% Spectral dmg

d33 Phasing Shield

Decrease Shield recharge Delay and get Phase sfx str. Per Charge you have.
Per Skill level: Decreased Shield recharge Delay.

p10 Power Within

Spell. Cooldown: 20sec. Cost: 5 Charges. Duration 10sec.
Successful hits with “Lashing Sword”, “Phasing Air” and “Throwing Hate” steal 10 Power.
Power cost reduction to all skills +10%.
Per Skill level: Power cost reduction +2%. Steal +2 power.

r45 Tearing Blast

Spell. Cooldown: 6sec. Cost: 6 Charges. Duration: 6 sec.
AoE (Low dmg) All enemies hit by “Tearing Blast” got there Armor decreased by 4%.
Per Skill level: Armor decreased by +2%.

6 Arcane Shield

Its “Arcane Shield”.

s17 Arcane Protection

Increase Shields by 80%.
Per Skill level: Increase Shields by +20%.

s21 Spectral Shield

Increase all Sfx defence by 80%.
Per Skill level: Increase all Sfx defence by +20%.

8 Word of Fear

Its “Word of Fear”

r38 Leaking Rift

Spell. Cooldown: 3sec. Cost: 4 Charges.
Create a high damaging Spectral Field, 4m, duration 6 sec.
Per Skill level: +% Increased Spectral dmg.

d1 Hellrift

Its a Spectral version of Hellfire with the animation of Elemental Nova with only the Spectral Elemental.
Its a Nova, you are therefore the center of the explosion. The explosion has 14m radius (Hellfire has 20).
Damage and Sfx str. is the same as Hellfire but its Phase Sfx str.
Unleash all Charges. For every unleashed Charge it gets +3% AoE.
Per Skill level: Phase Sfx str. (Same as Hellfire).

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The Design here was to create a nimble, Sword wielding, Cabalist who uses Shields and Sfx as his main defence. I also wanted to mix the Blademaster with the Arcane Evoker together to create a Spell Blade.

His strengths are:

  • High Shields
  • High Sfx defence
  • A Phasing monster
  • Nimble
  • A good Supporter (Phasing, decreases Armor-AoE, Brom’s- and Spectral curse)

His weaknesses are:

  • Life of a Cabalist
  • Low Armor
  • Is in Melee range (unless you play as a Spell Sword)
  • No other Sfx str. just Phase.
  • Charge management (Most likely the hardest class to play?)
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The idea about Charges was, not only to make him more active but also to give him a choice.

You are stronger by holding them but you can spend them for powerful spells in exchange of being temporary weaker.
Some spells become stronger for every Charge you spend on them, wich means that even after the cooldown you might not use the skill immediately because you want to get more charges first, to unleash the spells full potential.
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Phasing should be his absolute main strength. Mass phasing and Boss phasing for him and the group.

Spectral is hardly present among the classes. We got Spectral Bolt and Hydra (We dont talk about leash).
Other then that the classes have one or two spectral skills.
This i wanted to change.
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The idea was to use the Sword stats for everything you damage with your Sword.
And likewise with the Focus.

In this way, you would not just use the Focus as a bonus but as an actual Weapon.
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I kinda tried its not done, its hard to theoretically balancing something wich you can’t interact with.
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What stung me was the thorns mechanic. Therefore i changed the “on hit curse” to “dealing dmg with your sword”. You should curse your enemies by actually hitting them and it makes splash dmg swords good for cursing.
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This post took waaaaaaaay too long to make. I hope you liked it.
I mostlikely wanted to say more about my design choices but this took as i sayed waaaaay to long.

You can also help me with NAMES! I didnt thought it would be so hard to name the skills and trees.
Im also open for suggestions and such.

PS: The picture above is from Guild Wars 2.

Here the link to “concept introduction 2”:
New Class: The Heavy Striker (concept introduction 2)


This is extremely well done. It shows that

I can’t process it at the moment to chime in properly, but I like the basic concept. It’s an interesting direction, and tying a class to a damage/sfx type so strongly is also intriguing.
My only concern is that any class beyond the 3 unreleased ones essentially forces us to make 2 more for the other factions. Otherwise, I’m all for new classes either way. And this one is interesting, especially in that it mostly seems to be using existing mechanics in new ways without becoming too complicated.

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That was one of the concept pillars i made, “how to make it without creating new mechanics”.
Thats why you dont get a bonus from wielding focus and sword at the same time, like double focus or swords do.
Instead the strength you miss out is given into the skills to make them even more attractive.

You could also put one new class into the game and then the others during the next 4 years or so.
Or ask me for the concept and skilltree design. Where is my kappa emote?

During the makings died ~20 Icons…
Its fine i made in two days ~200.
Granted, a lot of them are "how does it looks like if i do the sword/focus in this corner or this one.

This one as an example was the second icon i made for “Lashing Sword”.

But i had sometimes the feeling it doesnt look like swords, so i decided against it.

Wow this is cool, good job.