New Gunguard build: Bomber Gunny

Over the last week i tried to rebuild my Gunguard in a way that he still uses Guns but compensates the pretty big loss in dmg due to Vorpals with onhits being subpar currently.
I came with a build that i always wanted to make but wasnt able to make it work. But this time i think i succeeded. It took me quite some time to make this work solo in Catas.

The build as the name suggest drops bombs in the form of Shockbombers/Firefieldcaster or mainly Novaguns. The two main sets have a Paraflux and a Novastorm (highest dmg nova) one phases and gives the other therefore a dmg boost. The seond set is a set with a Firefield Caster and a Shockbomber -same technique phase to give defense an dmg boost.

The playstyle eg in Catas is going in without hesitation running alot while constantly dropping novas and taunting everything in the aura. Running until you find a place where your back is pretty clear going into anchor and dropping Prayer of smiting and further novas while enduring the incoming dmg.

The other set consisting of a shockbomber and a flamcaster is solely for levels with flyers and the Bosses. While the novas have a shitton of AOE dmg they are totally lacking in single dps as do other weapons so with this set you are going to ignite kill the mobs/bosses and that at best in phased state. Therefore these guns are full of elestrength mods, dmg is secondary. At best they are global and have ignite/phase auged on them. For the really stubborn Bosses i additionally have a ring with 400+ ingnite (normally i have a increase dmg ring). With all this plus the perk i land at 2k ignite on the flamecaster. Not very elegant but it works. I also switched to pulling the boss through the level so i can kill the rest of the level while he gets more or less slowly ignited so lose less time. Ele attack strength perk is a must too.

For Morax i have a third set with a Flamecaster and a Surgecaster to make him get shocked, so that he cant dig in.

Here is the skill tree:,50,50,0,v1.00001710000000000804003200000002499

Plus 1 helm is a given.
There is one point left which i am unsure of. Either Max Aura of defense or taunt strength.
Spiritual strength is a given as is Max Anchor.
As aura i take grandaura as it effects the defense aura, prayer of smiting and (though i am not sure it works) the taunts.
Defense aura is way better than renewal as it also works when being poisoned.
Prayer of smiting does 500dmg when fully skilled and is really nice to have and definitly a boost, so to say a third bomb to drop. It is also nice against flyers.
You could go the max prayer of retribution route for phasing and a little dmg and put the won points elsewhere (this is also an option when you cant find good heavenly gear see below). I have tested both and like this alot better because i phase alot anyways with the paraflux and shockbomber and they do it better than prayer of retribution.
Taunt at level2/5 is good for killspeed and groups like it alot. I can tank all of Talox Minion pretty much by standing below him and still do some usefull aoe dmg and phase everything.
Prayer of healing with 3 points pretty low and the shield of faith as a 1 point wonder (a pretty important one)
Defensewise this is obviously not a build that can tank everything (no double aura, few points in defense skills, gear totally offensive). But it phases like mad which helps alot. You have to time your shield refresh though and you should not tank a Rift with Shield refresh and Heal on Cooldown. Most of the time it is better to run-taunt for a while to phase the mobs and predamage them before going into tank/damage mode. Dont get hectic when swamped, just anchor drop the novas and a gap will open to escape if you need to.

Gearwise there is one rule: heavenly gear everywhere! You need to push the dmg of the weapons. It is not working without it. And heavenly gear (with increase dmg) increases the dmg of prayer of smiting aswell.
I currently have everything but Torso and Gauntlets heavenly (Jugulators help alot). Torso is Heart of Heaven for stats and the Gauntlets are Hands of Heaven for the wopping ads damage stat. In the end increase dmg are preferable because adds only goes on the weapons but it depends how much is on the armor to make a final decision.

I found that this build is for relatively easy solo Catas as he can pack a punch and kills alot of mobs fast in one go and can run pretty freely though the level without dying quickly. It can be a bit boring when the boss doesnt want to ignite. But many do that pretty fast. I found that groups like it alot.

Edit: Ok tried out Talox solo and it turned out pretty easy at first. You can tank and taunt the adds easily and they go down by the novas. Only Talox was a bit problemtaic at first since he healed himself up. But then i switched to a Poison nova and he went down easily. Not Omerta oneshot style but reasonably fast.
And it was the most relaxed Talox run i ever had.

Try it out and have fun!

here is a little gameplay footage Cata 2:

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I will have to test this for sure ! Did you try to compare the damage with the electric aoe guns ? (surge guns ? cant remember the name) i was really surprised how effective they were with bad mods and rolls, and that was before the overall gun buff.

Im sad to hear that vorpals arent a thing anymore though :frowning:

Yeah i tried the shock cannons. But i found they didnt work that well - at least in Catas. They havent been buffed btw.
I have to test what happens when i stuff my old vorpals full of double ele dmg mods though.