New / Hybrid classes? Is it possible?


Since I saw some mods that allowed people to wear all kinds of weapons on any class I had an idea of introducing a new class. Whether adding such things is possible or not, please hear me out.

I played Lineage 2 for over 10 years with support classes and no game had such complex support system. I know it is a different genre, but please don’t get me wrong, my idea had been redesigned in order reflect true support experience in hellgate.

Imagine that you can wield a Sword as your main weapon and a Focus Lens as an off-hand. Armors most likely from both classes as you may prefer to be Defense Type (party) or Attack Type (solo) or if there is any difference…

With the sword you can slash your enemies, use close range AoE debuffs and AoE damage skills. Focus Lens will use long range single/splash damage skills, cast buff and healing abilities on your comrades while debuffing monsters with decrease movement speed, attack speed, etc.

Such class could find use in high-end raids. For example, adding a truly “Legendary” difficulty for some maps where you just can’t survive without decent guardian and buffer/healer. Here guardian’s shout would need to be redesigned in order to lure all monsters in his vicinity (could be a skill added to a shield). I know that there is an engineer, however I find it lacking that “sophisticated support touch”.

Anyways, if adding custom classes is possible, please share your thoughts on that one.

I’m not a modder myself, nevertheless I don’t mind lending helping hand when it comes to making a skill tree and balancing the abilities.

For the living!

Okay. So I thought about incorporating mostly current classes skills into my vision. The general OPness of this class is starting with 2 skill points already distributed.
First skill is Hamper.
Second is a curse passive - Fragile Body (lets say) - already maxed (1/1), no way of lessening these effects:
HP: -15%
all DMG: -30%
Elemental Att. Strength: -30/40%
(got ya!)

Hybrid of Templar and Cabalist with the following skills (don’t forget… this is a true weakling support). I am still thinking of max skill lvls, their stats, balance and placement on the skill tree. Anyways:
Arcane Shield
Arcane Resilience
Drain Power
Drain Elemental
Word of Fear
Venom Armor
Spectral Serpents
Haste Bot-like skill
Mass Beacon
Elemental Beacon
Dead Eye
Surge of Wrath (global-like passive)
Surge of Speed (global-like passive)
Prayer of Healing
Prayer of Retribution
Prayer of Smite
Heavenly Condemnation (AoE)
Grand Aura
Auras (with various fixes/balances):
Renewal / Power / Defense / Salvation / Elements / Zeal
Aura Stability - max 5 out of 6 on max skill lvl:
1 - 100%, 2 - 90%, 3 - 80%, 4 - 70%, 5 - 60%

Last Stand (5 skill lvls):
Power Regeneration, Critical Chance/Damage, Attack Speed, Movement Speed + 100%
Cooldown - 100%
Duration: 3 sec (lvl 1) / 4 sec (lvl 3) / 5 sec (lvl 5).
Cooldown: 1 min.

This class is still missing some skills in order to have 30 of them (including curse - 31). Nevertheless with such thing raids could become more interesting, provided their HP/armor/elemental defences would be raised. Lets say you just raise Moloch’s Elemental Defences by 20-30% and HP by 3x or even 5x of its current form. No more solo, take support or tank with you or you’re dead.


I’d be very, very cautious about inflating numbers further.

The TC was already “too easy” for many, with the storyline being a breeze (outside of NM Hell, whose difficulty emerged from misplaced level ranges) and the challenge of the Abyss emerging more from bothersome mechanics (ie Totems) or glitchy 1-shot attacks (ie Dreadnaught) than from actual adversity. The class repairs and revamps, being aimed more strictly around solo play than I’d have liked, only pushed this further, to the point where most classes have received considerable buffs. So buffing bosses yet again does not seem to be the correct way to go; for one, it’s stat inflation that I don’t believe we need (considering the curve up until the endgame being much more modest than its sharp upward trend), and it’ll have to be based on current BiS trends (ie ele+crit) which will only widen the gap between them and the next best thing.

My humble opinion is that we’d need to take some hard looks into current ceilings, and determine what caps are actually desirable in terms of them promoting party play and necessitating support classes/skillsets. Which, yes, would translate to nerfs.
I don’t believe it’s healthy to be able to decimate all content (but Dessy) solo, with such consistency that single players can carry groups of 5 into the Abyss and even multiboxing becomes a viable (albeit prohibited) approach. Players farming lv59 mobs and finding them fun, as opposed to intimidating and borderline prohibiting, should be jarring to any observer who recalls the Liverpool exp curve and how hard it actually used to be to farm such higher levels.
In short, frankly, support can’t be needed in this context. Say, Haste Bot’s 23% extra RoF is inconsequential if it’s practically shaving seconds off a killspeed that’s seconds itself. If a fight could last for, say, 4 minutes (as one could argue MMO bosses might reasonably last), then it reducing it down to 3 would be far more valuable than reducing 20 seconds down to 15.

As for the concept of the class you propose, I like its essence. I do believe a collection of so many support-based skills is overboard, since all classes come with a standalone, solo skillset before support options, but the direction is sound. The concept of balancing out overperformance through a negative passive also appeals to me, since the concept of costs didn’t really unfold too much outside of hp payments (Blood Link/Surge), Sniper Mode drawbacks, and perhaps Surge skills.
But, again, I have to question its viability in this context, for the above reasons.

Thanks for reply. I like that you’re interested in this.

I assume that adding Hell diff is out of the question at this moment. I don’t know the engine’s capabilities though, yet Koreans probably built Global on something slightly different than this version. If this is possible, then here we have the place for support to shine.

If not:
Lets say that if Normal Moloch would get stats and drop rates from NM (or slightly lower) and then NM Moloch could be buffed the idea itself would be feasible.

Wait… Whole NM diff could be raised to promote party play with at least 2 people for the story line, 3-4 people SH, 5 Moloch and Abyss.
EDIT: and Dessicator of course.

I haven’t tried Lost London yet, but I assume that the skills of Seferoth, could be an asset in the project of London 2038. He merged the classes and raised max level of the characters. His knowledge in this field could be critically important.

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And btw raising mobs defenses will in no way add the need of support. It is the offenses that need to be raised primarily so that people die if they dont make use of support and arrange eachother. And it is more fun too. If you compare Cata solo (HP buffed mobs) vs St Pauls (less HP but more Damage) then imho St Paul is alot more challenging and pleasing to play. It is easy to die there to all sorts of mechanics (If you are not a sumo or aoe evoker) but mobs also die reasonably quick.

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I didn’t say anything to raise only their defenses. As you may see the class itself starts with debuff passive that requires it to use its buffs and debuffs to overcome it.

Raising mobs defenses is not the case itself. Raising their overall stats on certain difficulties is what I introduced.

I know that my aim may look like an idea to make this game to be playable only in parties at the point of endgame itself.
Yeah, that may be a bit true as I enjoy playing a supportive class that forces the player to think about various strategies, time the skills accordingly and keep an eye on party members’ HP. Games like Lineage II or TERA Online are an example here. In L2 I loved Overlord then when they introduced new updates and classes I played with all Iss Enchanters possible. At some point I could solo 5 people at once in PvP despite the fact that I had the lowest Physical Attack stats amongst all melee classes. TERA’s Priests and Mystics were my favourite as well.

It is not that I don’t know HG, I played a lot on both, the old TCv4 and Global itself - in that long break (stagnation) from L2. I just want to introduce a class that can be played with joy by all the people with the same play style as mine. That is where tanks needs to focus on keeping mobs on themselves, DDs do their job and the supports control the battlefield, keep the party alive and plan the strategies. I might have lost my touch in this as at my best I could think and plan about 7-8 seconds upfront.