New Member Introductions


Hey all you new Hellgaters, welcome to London 2038!

Here is a thread where you can say hi, reminisce, look for long lost friends, and introduce yourself to the community.

Just want to say hey
Greetings and Thank You!
Hello Hellgate 2038
Generic title name
Hello to all the HL fans

Hi, just a newbie looking for some good retro gameplay. I played almost everything out, i really liked
Vanilla, Cs:go, PoE, UO…


Its really me, Don-HCE, marksmandon and a few other names which i cant remember, LOL
Looking forward to one more try at hellgate, and am volunteering for any and all HCE testing :stuck_out_tongue:


Hello everyone.

Big fan of HL here…got it on the first release day on played a lot until the initial shutdown. I somehow missed the second wind but hell am I glad to see this project.

Can’t wait to get on that train and progress from station to station :wink:


Hey Zarlox, thanks for coming by! I hope you saw the announcement that open alpha has begun. You can sign up at


Yeah just went in a bit. Looks good and omg the nostalgia !!


Hello all!
I’m Brindled aka Raptura from Hellgate London and Global.

I would like to thank everyone that has worked on this and is continuing to work on it. This game keeps on giving. The best thing it has given me is friends, some I still game with 10 years later. I look forward to making more friends because, while single player HG is fun every now and then, you can’t beat jumping into a game with someone else, trading, and the banter that comes along with chat.

Speaking of chat, are we gonna have a Wollah again? :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, I can’t thank everyone involved enough. I am looking forward to killing the minions of Hell once again with everyone.

For the living! :imp: :boom: :gun:


Hey Brindled
Can’t wait to team up like old times :grinning:

(formally know as mrsplints)


Glad you’re back! … Can’t wait!


Hey hey <3
Your friendly neighbourhood Dingus swinging in to say hai.

:eggplant:Omerta is love Omerta is life.:eggplant:

Also I like pie :3


Infected zombie ambient sound.


Just wand to say its looking great thnx fore all you have don and still doing :wink: love the site already


Hey! Just vvanted to say it.


The site looking good so far, coming together nicely :slight_smile:

hi as well from freeky :stuck_out_tongue:


Hellohaeee :smiley: Hope everything is good here :slight_smile:


Greetings demon slayers! I’m finally part of the community, too. Can’t want to be able to enjoy HG with my friends again. Maybe someone remembers my previous/old nickname ‘Orcinus Orca’.


Greetings mortal.
Haven’t found a signature-function so here’s a place i can put my Charnames ^.^

Cthulhu - as i was known in global - which is my main Evoker.
Agent_T - Guardian
Belshirash - Marksman
Xarfai - Blademaster
Targunitoth - Summoner
Agrimoth - Engeneer

So, see you around :slight_smile:

Give a man fire - and he is warm for a day;
but set fire to him - and he is warm for the rest of his life!


I remember telling my wife to run by Gamestop and buy this for me on launch in 2007. Started playing when I got home from work and still play on and off to this day. This is what I have been waiting for since the “shutdown”.


Me too, was driving 50km to next town to get this 1 day earlier. Nice story :slight_smile:


Hello everyone, I’m Eric, just simple like that. Former founder (money dumper) for FFS former Founder/leader of the defunct Pandora’s The bane of Shulgoth. My characters used to have a 99 behind them for example, Rikku99, Celes99, Terra99 in the original launch, on global It was pretty much the same only played it for a little while though, because it was easy to recognize hanibitsoft lacked the desire to create anything with hellgate-london other then that poor expansion Tokyo. It is nice to see a group of people with a raging fire to develop and create HGL into somthing better then it was.