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I used NiKKeZ in Hellgate: London which I played from day 1 until the servers shut down, and I used the same name in Hellgate: Global which I played from ‘beta’ (such as it was) until the servers shut down. I am glad that I can still use the same name in London 2038.

I have to keep pinching myself to make myself believe that I am playing this game again. I have spent months of my life combined playing this game in its various iterations. I never thought I’d ever get to play it again in multiplayer format and I never thought I’d ever see so many familiar names again either waves at Bryan

Words cannot describe how much fun I have had in the last two days. I have only been able to snatch the odd hour until this weekend. I have done practically nothing but play this game for the last two days and it has lost none of its charm. It certainly has not lost any of its addictive qualities!

Here’s to a long and bright future for London 2038. I have never played a better MP game than this one, which considering its age, is testimony to the people that made it and testimony to those that have brought it back to life once again.


Holy crap!!! I just got word of this project from an old HGL friend and had to check it out.

I played both Bubba_Fett and Huntyre A LOT. lol

Just had to order a copy of HGL. Looking forward to joining all of you in a few days!


Welcome back to you and all the other returning players. Not forgetting any new people of course.

When I first heard about this project I bought a second copy of the game just to be sure that I would have no problems! :smiley:

The game takes forever to install anyway, but I was paranoid that the disc was faulty. The new copy takes forever to install too. You can never be too safe.


Hey all, just want to say Hi & I’m glad to have MP HGL back…it’s been a hell of a long time. Will probably get on Discord eventually, but want to give a big “Thank You” to the individuals responsible for resurrecting this game. Hats off to all of you!!


Hey folks, just signed up, this is Linuxstew from the old website and from years back. Its nice to be here again and nice of the devs to take on the challenge of making this game working again. Lets all have fun. For the living!!!


Hey all, good to be back in HG again.
Getting a bit more spare time now so finally got round to downloading/setting up 2038. Thanks again for all the work you have put into getting it up and running- no problems at all so far.
Unfortunately my crappy internet connection makes party play somewhat tricky atm but hope to get back into full action in the future. After just 30mins I am hooked again already:star_struck:


I feel horrible to have not seen this months ago. I was only just told of this site’s existence and status about 19 minutes ago. Obviously, my account is now active, my game is already installed (as I already had my previous Hellgate London install never unstalled from before :slight_smile:).

I cannot express how happy I am to be playing this once again. I will do my absolute best to give anything I can to this community. Hellgate London was such an amazing game and WAY ahead of anything during the time. I’m very glad to be a part of this group once more! For the living!!


WTF is up everyone! Just wanted to say hey to all the new ppl and those who remember me. Still go by the same aliases… Bolt-Crank, DivineDevil, DivineEpiphany, Epiphany, V_Cal, and Virus, catch me ingame or follow me @ or Remember the dead, but fight for the living!


OMG!! I can’t believe this is real! I had just introduced the original Hellgate London game to the sweet Japanese girl who just joined my English class and who happens to be a gamer too and she is a big fan of the Diablo games, so to impress her I said you should try this game and I was going to give her my original Hellgate disc…but now after finding this website I may not…

Besides playing the oiginal with my good buddy back in the day. I also played the game when it was bought out by HanbitSoft and the server was moved out to Asia.

Playing the game in Japanese and playing with non-English speakers was a real bummer and a pain in the ass.

Luckily I met some cool English speaking guyz such as stickymucus


Hello everyone. I just re-downloaded HG:L again yesterday after not playing for years. Looked around and found all this revival stuff and I am absolutely stoked! I’m an original pre-order player and bought into whatever the premium package was back in the day. I played from beta till the day the servers closed then off and on again in single player. Just want to say thank you to all that have been working to make this happen and I cant wait to get home and get all the patches loaded. Hope to team up with some of you in the near future.


Hello everybody,

after checking the state of things over at the old site and seeing the newest info about London2038, my breath was stopping (well hitching if you mind). Finaly we can - again - dive into the fun that is Hellgate London multiplaya.

After a long long time, not only in intarwebs measurements, there is more than just hope :grin:

Anyway, now I need to find my old CD or backups to start having a blast (see what I did there).

Thanks for having me!


Hey there,

I don’t know, if the german section is “dead”, so I’m posting here, too.
I missed HG:L and at the point I wanted to start with it, the game was shut down. I’m happy, that you guys do something about that. :smiley:

Today I streamed 2 hours of gameplay on Twitch. I’m not aware, if my twitchlink is allowed here, but I really would like to find some people here, to play together and have fun with it. Even if I’m new to that “old” game. :slight_smile:

Keep up the great work!


Hey everyone. My name is Travis.

I won’t start this conversation as if I have been a hardcore fan since day one and been an online advocate to re open the original servers. I picked up Hell Gate London when it first released, I was still in High school, and could barely run it on my pc. I never bought into the subscription fees but I understand now that I missed out on the larger portion of what made the game great. In short, I played by myself, not online. And I honestly had a lot of fun even though I managed an average of 15 frames per second. So when I dug out my box of old PC games and found my Hell Gate London Case I thought “Hey, My new PC could run this!”. Funny enough, even though I can set everything to their highest settings, when I selected the lowest setting for Anti-aliasing my frame rate dropped back to 15-20 fps. If I have it off I have 60fps and higher. I don’t notice much of a difference, as far as graphics go, with it off though so it’s not a huge deal. Performance issues aside I had also thought that there must be some private servers by now so that I can play online with people.

So what could have been summed up in a few sentence rather than my hell gate life story.

Thank you to all to those who work on giving me, and maybe others like me, the chance to play Hell Gate Online. I hope that I can find people to play with this time arround.


Nick here,

In game is usually GT-something

I have been playing this game since its original beta. Back then I was Bullitt-something.

I love that you all brought the game back and hope it continues. Let me know how I can help.

Thanks, see you in hell


Holy Hellgate Batman!!

I cannot believe I just logged into the game again.

Awesome Work! One of the best games ever!!


Hello Everybody!


HCE Character : 2Gunz GG

Glad i Stumbled on to this London 2038! cant wait to get back in game and feel the nostalgia of this timeless game of old! Lets get some testing underway!

For The Living


Hello all! Just got back into the game last night on this server, I was one of the hopeful few who paid for the lifetime subscription back in the day. Always liked the game and wishes it hadn’t been in shut down.

Look for me in game, same name, Sajakk.


Hey there, we are fans as well. I have several characters, just started summoner. My husband and I play each weekend when we can. Look us up.


Hi ya’ll!

Just found this fan made project some days ago after searching for any life sign of HL during the last couple of years. I played this game with a friend of mine when it came out more than 10 years ago and it was one of my best gaming experiences I had so far. Therefore I was quite disappointed, when I heard that the Server have been shut down (except for China at that time). So every now and then I searched the internet, hoping that someone might revive it again.

This is why I am sooo happy that you guess from London 2038 have taken up this project and brought back this awesome title. I played it with a friend yesterday and it felt just like in 2007. The Gameplay, the humor, the whole Feeling is still amazing and I felt so happy to also see other players than the two of us.

So, to come to an end: Thank you so, so much for this awesome job! I have streamed my Session yesterday and will keep doing that so that hopefully some more people join our fight in London!




Hellgate Memories

by Godless / Futility

A fair warning to the reader: this might end up as a long and winding rambling of an old player of HG:L back from 2007.

As, probably, most of you back in the days I have played Diablo, then Diablo II, LoD. I only played softcore and mostly online solo. I remember Diablo, Travincal and Baal Runs; waiting long nights half-asleep for the magic phrase to pop “Diablo walks the Earth.” Eventually I quit and somewhat forgot about it.

Not sure how I stumbled upon the Hellgate website and learned that a new game was being developed by the former Diablo team people. New concept and classes looked weird but they did include a caster, so I was sold on it.

I participated in either a pre-release beta or a demo that was limited in content up to Occulis boss.

I liked the game enough to pre-order Collector’s Edition to get all the bonus gimmicks. The fan-boi in me went even further. Back then, depending on which store you preordered the game from you’d get an exclusive in-game (purely cosmetic) Dye Kit. Pre-order from Best Buy had a Biohazard dye kit, Gamestop - Lava, Walmart – Royal, EA preorder - Wasp. Well, I got them all – not sure if each cost me $10 or if I got the empty pre-order boxes with codes for free after release. But I did have them all. Of course, I bought into Founders offer, as well.

After release I enjoyed the game for a while. I was excited to hit Level 30 and finally get Arc Legion which was awesome. Who cared that its pre-requisite Tempest was broken and did little to no damage.

I remember Blood Moon achievement discussion and the consensus that it had to be done on a Full Moon in October, so it couldn’t be completed in 2007 and we had to wait a year to get it.

I recall public-chatting with Ping0 Community Manager in game I forgot her name but she was nice with everyone, friendly and down to Earth. Found her through Google – Diane “Tiggs” Migliacio.

I remember “Butsecs”, I remember some sarcastic player spamming “Skullsplitter is the best skill in game – Fact!” every 5 minutes. It was fun, I guess.

I remember Fawkes Day event in November which was initially a disaster. Flames animation in certain areas resulted in major FPS drops. A whole bunch of useless and/or unstackable seasonal items – potatoes, anyone? It was somewhat fixed in a day or two. I was proud to have finished all the seasonal quests, gathered all the ingredients and completed the Fawkes Force Five trinket.

Shortly after Tempest was fixed and it was a sight to behold. That’s when I was lured to the Dark Side of Hardcore by one of the players – her game name was Blood-Doll. My build was new, safe and powerful Tempest, Brom’s Curse and bugged Venom Armor that ticked way too fast and healed you in seconds; of coruse, it also killed you in seconds when facing Infested-type mobs. I reached level 48 out of 50 before I quit playing due to other issues.

The game still had a lot of issues – bugs, terrible stat feeds, random affixes and itemization, delayed subscriber/founder content. The number of online players kept shrinking to the point when FSS disabled the in-game /who command to prevent seeing how very few players were online. Last I recall, the count was 1700-2200 people.

Dissatisfaction grew, especially with the Founders crowd who were getting no value from their subscription (other than double stash size). I was younger, cockier and bitter (nowadays - saltier is the term). I made quite a few scathing remarks on Official Forums, created some mildly offensive avatar icons, like Dunce Cap Hellgate Founder Logo, or Flagshit Flag. Well, sure enough some kid they newly hired to moderate (meaning censor) the increasingly negative forums, has banned me without a warning for, I believe, a month. I wrote to support and got no reply or a one-line message stating something like “Banned for: Trolling.”

Here’s the e-mail I sent FSS in early 2008:


To whom it may concern

Ref: Forum Access
Acct name: Godless

I have recently and unfairly been denied access to the Hellgate website forums.
While I understand the need for moderation, some of the forum administrators
have been abusing their ban privileges.

I neither used foul language nor personal attacks towards anybody.
I did express dissatisfaction with the treatment of members (founders)
by the game company and moderators.

For you to make an opinion of what kind of customer/person I am, feel free
to examine badges associated with my account and the history of my posts on
the website forum. I've been trying to be supportive and helpful member of
community most of the time. Alas, every patience has a limit, so lately,
I have grown tired of waiting for the promises to come true and stated that
in my avatar/signature.

Please, remedy, the situation to, at least, restoring my forum access rights.
Should you choose to ignore my request, and I will neither receive a response
from your company, nor gain access to forums, I will see no other solution
but to cancel my subscription/dispute charges. Though I hate to do that, lack
of subscriber content provided, aggravated by horrible customer treatment
would compel me to do so. In a time when the future of your product and company
is reliant on continued subscriber support, it would be unwise to let your customers
go so easily. It does remain your choice, however.


RANT END [/code]

Anyhow, I was gagged and blinded at the forums, which really pissed me off.

Stonehenge just got released and it was also messy. Removed /who command was the last straw for me. I saw the writing on the wall and sold my Founder’s Account on Ebay for $200. I think it was a fair price, with all the Dye Kits, Fawkes Force Five, +1 Evoker Skills Helmet (which were rare at the time) and Level 48 Hardcore evoker. It wasn’t a bad deal if the company didn’t go under in ~6 months. Oh, well, if the buyer of my account is here now, I’m sorry, I guess.

Well, that pretty much concludes my reminiscence of the Hellgate Past. I’m glad the dev team brought it back to life. I’m really enjoying my nostalgia in game right now. It is not as bad as I remember despite its flaws. Currently leveling my SC Evoker and re-learning all the mechanics, like Riftcoils, permastun etc. Haven’t seen the new bosses yet. Not sure I’ll want to dip into HC this time. Too much time investment to be insta-killed by some BS mechanics. Plus, I enjoy playing sloppy and leisurely while drinking after a day’s work.

It’s kind of ironic that nowadays something as unfinished as Hellgate is, could very well succeed if released as an Early Access Indie game.

To this day Hellgate still remains a flawed game with some enjoyable aspects. I still believe the HGL vacuum is best implementation of loot pickup in any game. Some of the monsters are quite memorable. Certain locations of the very limited number of tilesets are also beautiful (Ancient Blood). Some NPCs are fun and memorable (Arlo & Tiberius).

I don’t quite know for how long my nostalgia is going to last but for now I’m enjoying the game. Looking forward to seeing end-game content. Thanks to everyone who made the project happen and keep it going.

Please, forgive me being somewhat hectic and sporadic in my recollections.

Take care,

Futility / Godless

PS Somewhat unrelated piece of history: