New Member Introductions

Hello all :slight_smile: old Hellgate fan that’s new to the fun and excited to play this game online again! I look forward to helping test out this alpha phase as much as i can! keep up the good work :smiley:

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First, I’m completely amazed this exists! I’m a long time fan of the game, a founder from the original Flagship days and also put about 3 or 4 months into Global back in 2014.

The Steam announcement and recent press about it gave me a huge pang of nostalgia for my old Marksman dual wielding a pair of Hu’s Hypershots. I long for those days. I thought I’d scratch that itch with a few days of single player with my old disc. I installed the game and began to search for a patch. 2038 came up on Google and once learning that there was an active Multiplayer community, I signed up immediately.

I’m playing under the name BakedZiti. If anyone sees me around, I’m always willing to accept an invite to play MP.

Very nice work, I can’t believe, there’re jumping other characters around the stations and the chat is alive :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:
Thanks for that :+1:t2::+1:t2::+1:t2:

CU ingame :sweat_smile: (what a feeling, to say this again, yeeeehaaaa​:metal:t2:)


My Name is Rob in Discord and on Server :slight_smile:
Played Original and Global.

hope to see you ingame

Hey peeps !

I played the original release back in 2007 and never touched Global.

I was brought here after buying the mess that is the 2018 Steam version and googling about Hellgate… this led me to the Revival mod, and subsequently here thanks to :smiley:

I don’t have as much time to play games as before, but I hope to see you ingame and maybe group together :wink:

Hi Everyone. I had originally bought Hellgate London when it came out and then put it aside to play other games. That’s when Hanbitsoft took it over and I no longer bothered with it. I recently bought it cheap on Steam but that release was a mess. That’s when I found out about this site and server. Luckily, I still had my original disks in a drawer and installed 2038.

I just started a fresh Engineer today named “Xyyth”. I’ll be around playing off and on as I have a few other games I play with friends, but when they aren’t around, I’ll be here. Looking forward to playing through all this content again as I had forgot most of it. Seeya around…

Wow just discovered this project. My name is Jake and I played this game way back in the day, I think I had even purchased the collectors edition. I have since gotten rid of it but made a digital copy of my installation disk and kept the CD key on file. I’ll definitely be checking this out. :wink:

Hey there.
I have good memories playing the original…
And seeing you guys trying to revive it online, thx and congratz for that.
I’ll definitly have a look at that.
See you ingame :wink:

Wow thats a name i remember from way back.
Its me Ellymentl (Evoker) or Mystrique (Engineer)

Hey team,
I’m SlaserX, and I’m very very new to HGL. Just got the game on Friday after hearing how bad the Steam version is (I’ve been interested in the game since it came out, but it went as soon as it came, so I didn’t get a chance to try it out). Now I’m playing, I absolutely love it. I’m dabbling a bit finding out what I like (Started with a Summoner, finished Act 1, made a BM with random gear I found and it’s 1000x better instantly, so I’ll stick with that for now). If you see someone in global chat asking a lot of dumb questions, it’s probably me :slight_smile: Feel free to say hello!

Greetings fellow Hellgaters!
Heard about this endeavour on the Steam message boards! Am very excited to be playing the game now after such a long time. I
Using your guided instruction, the game was easy to set up and gain access to the server.
I look forward to meeting more people who share my excitement for a reboot of the game.

Greetings! My name is Andrew and my wife and I have been fans of Hellgate since probably the day we knew of it’s existence. We both bought copies on launch day and enjoyed it until the servers shut off.

I still can’t properly express how excited we are that we get to play our game again, we logged half a day today! Thank you so much for London 2038!!

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