New off build: Gunvoker

This one is for the fellow Cabalist that didnt pass the evocation tests in school and said “why learning when there are guns?”

Disclaimer: this is an off build not meant to be meta. It can do all the content including Catas and Abyss just not as fast as the meta builds though.
If you are new to Hellgate i wouldnt advise to start with this one.

So here it goes:
The main goal was to make the evoker actually do damage with guns. Older builds used to utilize onhits in Hydra weapons or the 600rof Baneblasters but after the shrap nerf they werent working anymore.
Chaos Pistols always were good on dmg but due to the fuse time of the rockets there weren’t fun and you were wasting alot of dmg due to overdamaging the mobs. With the latest patch the fuse time was reduced and now they work better and look pretty cool aswell.

This build utilizes all the skills the evoker has to support gunning of which there are not alot. First of all concentrate dmg which sadly has a much longer cooldown than Guardians anchor so it needs to be timed better. Then spectral curse which is the fun part of it. It also needs to be timed well together with concentrate to get very satisfying explosions. You can do fun things like pull alot of mobs to a Boss and then oneshot him in the aoe.
A very good source of dmg is the evokers trusty friend the ember. He can tank and with enough Minion damage can hold its own. He helps alot with the Cata bosses due to its ignite. But sometimes it is better to dismiss him so you can pull mobs together and kill actually faster with Spectral curse, depends on the mobs.
Another gamplay option the Gunvoker has, is tanking with Broms curse.
He is also super mobile and fast with Blink and high movement speed.
I also put a point in Arcane shield and have focus set to switch to and refresh the shields. I know it is not that pure but it brings speed to the built as he can recover more quickly. Venom armor are an options here aswell as eledrain. I wish Arcan Shield and Ele Drain would be non focus skill, wouldnt really hurt of that got changed.

Stats: whereever possible dont put points in Will and Strength but spare them for Stamina and Accu.

Perks:Ideally Crit, Ele, Accu, Dmg, Minion Dmg though you might need to perk some other stats. Crit ad Ele are set though.

Here is the skilltree:,50,50,0,v1.000010000000000000aa00007a15000070

I am currently going pretty much full feral gear with Miniondmg. The good thing about the build is, you dont need a +1 Helmet so can either use the set Helmet or the Veiled Thread and find one that others see as misauged with Minion dmg and no +1.
The set feral chest piece and the boots are are best in slot. The first for the high +AA and the latter for its utility and phase.
Belt is a matter of flavor though i advocate a Balbis as it boosts Weapon damage alot. The feral set belt is also good with its 60%+ Minion damage and catapults the Ember to Warper type of damage but i like guns more and the 20% incr damage helps with boosting spell curse.
The rest could be normal ferals with Minion Damage though Heavenly feral with Minion would be best in slot.
Trinket needs to be a Dmg/Minion dmg one (Fulcrums Scale).

Modding the weapons depends on whats already on the guns and 5 slot Chaos Pistols are not easy to find. I have one gun with alot of crit related affixes which i supported with the mods. The other one has more general dmg in wich i put more dmg and phase and ignite. You could also have a special ele weapon set for igniting Bosses but i tend to have an alround set.

Weapon options or better to say notable cabalist weapons because there is no way around the Chaos Pistols in most situations:

Eel launchers with ignite Mods - ignite needs to be fairly high to ignite Cata bosses though.
Banebasters: 600 rof with splash is nice and if you find a crazy mythic they might be an alternative
Alucards Continuum: Spectral Spiker with life leech. You will be hard to down when using these. They have a long fuse time though an lack abit of damage. But with good augs they may work too.
Pyrocasters: pretty good for aoe, especially global ones.

Here is a little Gameplay video of my Gunvoker in his non optimized r22 state:

Have fun!



Inernous is also a very nice weapon if not better than Chaos Pistols.
And that is not only because it does good damage after the buff. It is also its mechanic that is super fun and unusual. The slow ball moves 35m and homes in to the mob shot at. It then does some damage (4m splash, 5% Crit inherent - i got a global one) and then goes one to the next mob. I had it zigzag a SH Room killing most of the mobs in one go.
It also works like a charm with Spectral curse and the ember since after you have 3 Balls underway and the Ember doing its thing your curses actually feel like they trigger instantly becasue stuff is dying all around.
In rifts you can lean back concentrated on the stairs and clear the whole area in front of the stairs.

Here is a little Video of a Brompton Infernous rund (sadly no sound):

Edit: Did a 14 min run on Sydo Nightmare - was a surprise for myself that it worked out so well. Now the only nemesis i have is Molloch in Catas.