New player, quick question about the state of summoner, elemental builds

Just installed 2038 and I’m having a blast playing this again.

My plan was to start with a summoner elemental build with a goal of a “zoo” type of build. Really just so I can learn the game (again) and have a relatively smooth progression to the endgame. In D2 and PoE, summoner type builds are usually the most beginner friendly.

I’ve been reading some threads on here and I’ve read some things saying relying on a zoo of elementals is not a good strategy since the AI isn’t great, the cooldowns when they die, etc. These threads were a couple years old so I’m not sure if this is still the case.

I just wanted to know if this strategy is a bad idea before I sink a lot of time into it. If pure zoo elemental builds is not a great strategy, would anyone recommend a strong beginner friendly build/class. Basically just trying to avoid hitting a wall I can’t progress through.