New (to me) Cube recipes

I decided to try the legendary mod recipe:

6x Mod of Rare quality
1x [Nanoshard]
150x Runic Fragment
150x Blessed Shard
150x Tech Component
150x Scrap Material

…but when I click create the ingredients go ‘poof’ but I don’t see the mod. This was not available back in 2014 (that I remember, anyways) so… what am I missing here (besides the legendary mod, that is :upside_down_face:)…

Happend to me too with using 3x legendary items of the same sort.


3x armor or weapon of the same type and the same Double-Edged, Legendary, or Mythic quality

Armor or weapon of the same type and quality
20x or 100x Nanoshards (Legendary or Mythic)
5x or 20x Nanoshards (Double-Edged)

→ which should give me either another legendary or nanoshards, but i got nothing, the cube was empty after using.

Is this a know bug?