New to this game, few questions from beginner

I only heard about this game from my brother and im a bit confused. There was Hellgate: London which was an online game in 2007 as an original game, then Hellgate: London ressurection for online also but it died? and this is the newest project with online? Also there’s hellgate: london on steam now but only with singleplayer and some Hellgate: tokyo in it? can any1 explain the whole story and game series? cuz im confused :stuck_out_tongue:

After the original game, there was Hellgate: Resurrection just for South Korea, and Hellgate: Global was the worldwide release that had Tokyo, later shut down. The Steam release is based on Global (same developer and publisher) but is single player only and without Tokyo areas for now.

London 2038 is based on the original game.

original game had tokyo? it was some kind of expansion or another game?

The original game only had Stonehenge and Abyss. Tokyo was exclusive to Global.

Is there a difference between this release and London 2038?If there is, then what?I mean,skills, difficulty, number of levels.(In Hellgate Global-there were 55 levels) and auto-disassembly.

The Steam version is basically a re-release of Global. Compared to the original and 2038, Global/Steam changed some skills and mechanics, has Second Attack and Tokyo (will be in Steam soon supposedly), some items are different, and has “premium” items. The Steam version was also made much easier.

Hey.Well, where’s this one?version of take?

I already answered that: