Newbie questions

  1. Is the ‘Skill Planer’ incomplete?
    It’s always freeze after a few minutes, and the skill descriptions are having [string1/2/3] instead of number.

  2. How many ‘+all skills equipment’ each class have and can equip at the same time?

  3. Any ‘+expertise’ gear exist?

  4. How many (approximately) % completion of the game now?

  5. Any new class/skill in the making?

Hi there Celix, welcome.

  1. Yes, it has fairly recently replaced our old outdated one but is still being ironed out. We’re looking into the matter of strings, but I don’t know if @Seadee (the planner’s creator) has received any reports on freezing before this one.

  2. All classes can have helmets and rings with +AS, so that’s a minimum of 2. There are Unique weapons with AS as well, so on top of those,

  • Evokers can use Schaefer’s and/or Hocus Pocus, so +2
  • Summoners can use dual Master’s Hands, so +2
  • Blademasters can use Shimmer and/or two Kilij, so +2
  • Guardians can use Merkabah or Keeper, so +1
  • Hunters have none

There are two more factors at play, however.
One, most AS items (beyond helmets and rings) come with considerable drawbacks; with the exception of Guardians’ shields, none of the above are optimal in terms of active use, either across the board or for the usual best builds.
Two, +All Skillgroup Skills affixes exist now too, which do push +skill caps higher. For example, Hunters can use Ihringer’s to stack +Combat or Visor to stack +Rounds with AS (both being helmets).

  1. No. There’s only one unreleased item left over by Flagship which does this.
    On whether this will change, I can’t say with any certainty.

  2. Do you mean what % of the game is now complete? Because that would need a rather complex answer.
    In terms of how much of the current game is now complete (as in, playable without major bugs), practically all of it. There are quirks here and there, but we’re not sitting on, say, an incomplete Abyss anymore.
    In terms of what we intend to do (as in, what % of our goals for the game’s final state are) the sky is the limit. If one splits the game into, say, 50% being the base game and each expansion being another 25%, then we’re currently working on another 25%. Once that’s done, there’s the intent to make an even larger campaign afterwards. So we wouldn’t be doubling the game’s length or content, but we’d be at least adding another 50% to it.

  3. Class-wise, there are the 3 unreleased (and very incomplete and barebones) classes I’d want us to eventually work on. That’s quite the massive undertaking, however, and there’s always been something else to work on.
    Skill-wise, there are a few (typically passive) new skills and some old ones have been reworked. There are a few more such changes in the works now, but entirely new, active skills with new assets are very challenging to see through (and I’d ideally want to see such efforts focused on fleshing out new classes, should they come about).

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About ‘Skill Planer’ freezing, it’s happened when I went back & forth between ‘Skill Trees’ & ‘Expertise’. If I spent all available points in ‘Skill Trees’, the ‘Expertise’ + button won’t responded and vice versa.

So I have to left 1 point in both of it to prevent this problem.

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