No respec token rewarded

Hello all, To my understanding you are rewarded with 1 full respec token after you finish the main story line? I finished the normal act and at nightmare at the moment but i was never rewarded a repec token of any kind… please help and thank you

Hi there Datastream,
the Fateful Skill Retrainer is awarded for finishing the tutorial questline (once per difficulty mode). It spans across the game, so that information is often relayed as “finish the mode for it” - but one may finish either mode and miss the questline sequence.
If you’d rather follow the wiki directions, you can start with Mad Skills and follow the directions at the top of each page. If you’re in our Discord and would rather have an overview to follow, you can consult this post in #general.
Actually, let me copy the latter over for convenience:

Tutorial questline names, order, and prerequisites.

  1. Mad Skills - Baker, Holborn
  2. Afflictions - Smith, Covent Garden
  3. Breaching Their Defenses - Librarian, Charing Cross
  4. The Forgotten Trek - Librarian, Charing Cross (ends in Oxford Circus)
  5. Critical Lessons - Teacher, Oxford Circus
  6. Visions of Death - Seer, Temple
  7. Put a Ring On It - Auctioneer, Monument
  8. Mind Over Matter - Vicar, Templar Base

This is the basic tutorial sequence, where each one is dubbed (Tutorial) in its name.
From there, once you’ve completed it and “Triage”, you get one more:
9. The Call - Envoy, Templar Base (ends in Mark Lane Station)

This one leads you to Broker, and completing his questline is needed for the rest.
10. Mausoleum of The Emperor - Miner, Liverpool (requires completing Broker’s quests up to “Invicem” and the tutorial questline up to Vicar’s “Mind Over Matter”)
11. Paradise Lost - Miner, Liverpool (requires completing the previous quest and “Hope” in Ploughyard, ends in John Milton Passage)
12. Awakening - Leader, John Milton Passage
13. Revelations - Leader, John Milton Passage (ends in St. Paul’s)
14. Benefactors - Leader, St. Paul’s
15. The End is the Beginning is the End - Leader, St. Paul’s

Note: some quests may be initially unavailable if their target area is locked (example: Seer’s “Visions of Death”, where Aldwych is initially locked when the player reaches Temple Station). If you’re sure you’ve followed the rest properly, pick up other quests to unlock these areas and then proceed as normal.

A bit upsetting for losing that reward on normal… and i made sure every quest/side quests were done :frowning: i guess i missed something but ill use this guide. Thank you again and happy holidays.

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Likewise :slight_smile:
Please do, and no worries; if it turns out the sequence somehow bugged out, we’ll provide a Retrainer to the affected character.

Thank you for the reply, Character name is DataNuke101 and in game right now but not sure how i can see if it was bug or something i missed.

You’d need to follow the sequence step by step to check. If every part of the chain was completed but you either a) didn’t get access to the Awakening quest or b) didn’t get a Retrainer on completion, then a bug is likely to blame.

I’ll follow the guide step by step in nightmare, i can let you know in a later date if i completed all the quests lines needed for the reward, thank you again

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