Normal v Elite Difficulty

Is Elite working as it should? From admittedly short experience it seems that Elite is not really much different to Normal. The extra “adds” to rare/epic mobs either dont proc properly or do little extra damage?
Should Normal be abandoned and just have one setting or should Elite be made harder? Or is it fine as it is?
With so few players on Alpha there is no point playing in Normal as you are on your own.

Elite mode definitely produces more loot and better experience point return for your playing sessions. I always viewed normal mode as a means to learn the ins and outs of the game for new people.

In terms of Elite being different from normal, it definitely is. Elite has more champion mobs and the difficulty level definitely ramps up even more noticeably on Nightmare Elite, especially once you reach Monument Station.

When you reach Liverpool Street the upward change in difficulty is even more tangible.

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can we have confirmation on loot and xp better in elite ?
a guy made a video to test loot drop =

and he gets uniques only in normal
or elite only affect light blue and purple items to drop more ???

That’s just plain old RNG for a single boss, not very representative of the differences.

Elite is the basic same as normal, you get better drops and you progress faster.
Normal is pretty much Elite-lite, shit drops for the same boss, progress slower.
Elite is a much smoother curve in Nightmare and you can buy stuff. Much easier to party and trade.
Normal after Nightmare gets hard fast after Monument station.
! big difference between the levels is the triage quest. Help was not required in normal.
I haven’t done the Finsbury quests so I dont know about the beauty quest for example. I did it on normal, needed help on eleite but soloed on elite nm.
On Normal at Monument station my enemies became 10 levels higher. I didn’t find much of this playing elite nm unless in the abbys.

Anyway thats my take on normal and elite.

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