Not working on windows 7?

Is Launcher supposed to work on windows 7? I’m getting an error

Maybe someone can make some adjustments to make it work?

I’ve found how to run the game skipping launcher. Game is working. It’s only a problem of launcher

Hi there Vovanzver, welcome.
The launcher doesn’t have an inherent problem with Win7 that I know of; I’m running Win7 myself. A translation of that error message would help pinpoint the issue, as bypassing the launcher isn’t really advisable.

Привет,Вованзверь.I had the same one.mistake.After installing all the updates,on Windows 7,everything worked.Try, for starters, to install all updates on Windows 7. (If not installed).

Translate of the error: “Request was aborted. Failed to create secure channel SSL/TLS”

There are no available updates. Not sure if the last updates have already been installed or if there are no updates available for windows 7 anymore

Hm, this seems to be an issue of Win7 using a TLS older than 1.2. Don’t know why I never had that issue - I either got through that process some 6 years ago or so, or somehow got it updated.
In either case, the issue does seem inherent to Win7 after all. When it last came up, Crash suggested a manual update: How To Enable TLS 1.1 & TLS 1.2 In Windows 7 and 8 -

I have now downloaded and installed ALL updates for Windows 7 without any problems.(I reinstalled Windows ).I spent -1 hour on this. Installed London 2038. Everything works fine.

Hi, Bryan.How are you?We haven’t talked to you for a long time.There are no problems with Windows 7 ! Updates,as they came from Microsoft, they are coming in full.Something in Vovanzver Windows glitched.I, in such a situation, usually reinstall Windows. So as not to fool your head with finding an error.It will be faster and more reliable.I think he’ll figure it out.All the best. :nerd_face:

Hi there Kole, I’ve been decent all in all. Hope you’ve been well too.
Fingers crossed the issue is resolved, I’ll be waiting for Vovanzver’s confirmation. Thankfully we have enough Russian speakers that communication of details shouldn’t be an issue.

Hi. Finally, It’s working. After a few rounds of clicking on “checking update” my windows updated and the issue was gone

Great, glad to hear.
Happy hunting then :slight_smile:

Hi.For information.Suddenly, it will come in handy.There is such a program-“windowsupdateagent-7.6-x64.exe”.Throw it in the “Search”.When you find it, download it and run it.When the system gives an error that it is impossible to find updates, it will help-100%.Checked more than once.Good luck.

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Bryan, hi.I hope this is not a violation.That I showed “Vovan” the program.I wanted to give a link to it, but I don’t know how.While.

No no, it’s quite fine. This should be helpful, if needed, and it’s a Microsoft tool.
For links and instructions, anyone interested can visit this page.

That’s easy enough. As you’re writing a post, you can either add links to text using the forum button by:

  • selecting the text you want to add the link to,
  • clicking the hyperlink button (4th from the left, just above the text box), and
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or manually by

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Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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Bryan, hi.Thanks for the information.But I think it will be easier for me to insert the name of the program or file I want to share.And the interlocutor, I think, will guess what to do with it.And if he doesn’t guess, it’s his problem.Moreover, I don’t have to do it so often.Personally, at first, I’m trying to figure it out MYSELF.If it doesn’t work out, I turn to specialists for help.That’s my position.While. :nerd_face:

I see the point in that. Fair enough :slight_smile:

There is another tool as well that works for updating when the windows update agent is too far out of date –

It’s also much faster at installing updates.

You can also create a package with it with all updates for your chosen OS and load the package on a flash drive, bring it to the fresh installed machine and run all the updates from the flash drive without the PC even being online.


Hi.I followed your advice and that’s what happened this time.I don’t remember what I did last time, but, then, I downloaded about 20 GB of updates.Nothing is working right now.Where is the error?



Try disabling/uncheck the “Verify Downloaded updates” option where you choose the OS.