Nova on hit mods too rare?

Is it just me or are Nova Mods rare?
I get everything besides Nova mods, i wanted to start a GunGuardian but even with my 4 lvl 50 chars
I still dont have enough Nova mods rly to start one…
Are these extremly more rare then other mods or is somewhere a magical fountain of Nova mods wich i cant find?

There’s no rarity modifier between same-grade affixes that I know of. I might very well be wrong in this, since I did also notice they dropped more rarely (albeit with small sample sizes in undocumented sessions), but sharing what I know. Or don’t, rather.

It might be very productive to run some focused tests on the subject, keeping track of each individual affix’s drop rates. It might be that individual affixes have equal drop rates but unwanted ones are not given due attention; it’s likely that one might not notice, say, +shock strength having similar drop rates if it’s not one’s intended outcome.
In my example, I did notice that I didn’t get novas often, but I can’t say if the affixes I got instead had equal individual drop rates - it might be that they did, but I wasn’t looking for them. Plus, again, low sample sizes in my case.

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I have 8 chars or so and i always farm the bag from syd before going to nightmare.
I collect every legendary mod i get in the runs and my chars lvl from 31 - 38 so i farm a long time for the bag.
And i get every affix pretty equaly but nova mods i get 1 in a 100 or so when i m lucky.

Fair enough, sounds like a decent sample size so that’s definitely grounds for concern. Should be looked into then.

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FWIW, i also feel like nova mods are rarer, and this since the release of the game pretty much. But again, it might very well be that they only FEEL rarer because we’re looking for them specifically.
Even among novas, some of them feel more common than others.

I collect every nova mod i get for testing purpose.
I also need every mod for every kind of class and i have no problems getting these.
Only nova mods are a huge problem.
Let me put it so: When lvling a char i can get the mods i need for him.
I cant lvl a Nova char becauce i dont find nova mods for them(no specific ones just any proc mods)
Before London: 2038 i could always play as a GG without issues only in this version i have problems to get these mods.

Edit: I farmed a lot of syd to get mods and look how many proc mods i would get, i get sometimes kill proc mods but on hit mods are stupid rare.
I also farmed construckt merchands(idk the name) wich have sometimes relict mods for craft.
I craftet 3 to 4 inventorys full and didnt got a single on hit mod.

Just a bit sad because i cant rly play as a GG during lvling and a long time after.

I levelled my gundian using the one handed gun that lobs electric blob that creates a field and it worked pretty well but obviously not as satisfying as on hit novas.
I remember having to hexa edit mods to get in naga mod and Lost London as i couldnt get my hands on nova mods for some reasons.

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Afaik nova mods never dropped well while leveling. They only start dropping better later in the game. They have allways been kinda rare.