Obscure or unintuitive game mechanics

add more observations, preferably marked with bullet points (* ) for ease of reading. maybe these could be sorted and added to the wiki one day.

  • Thorns count as performing a melee attack for Blademaster’s Surge skills and Summoner’s Dark Lord
  • Thorns can never have any special attack strength (phasing, ignition etc)
  • Novas has hidden cooldown of 2 seconds, tracked individually per mod or other nova-producing item. Some unique weapons has altered cooldowns.
  • Novas can’t trigger more novas
  • Field damage from nova-producing weapon steals kills from its on-kill novas
  • Fields may or may not be able to crit depending on the source (testing required - Serpent Protector shield’s field does crit)
  • All or most fields do stack for more damage
  • Difference in levels makes it harder or easier to apply non-guaranteed effects like Fear.
  • Special attack effects (like phase) are attempted twice if a weapon applying it has both matching base damage and damage mod
  • Templar nova guns seem to attempt to apply special effects (SFX) more than once per hit per monster
  • Toxic status effect delivered from a poison damage mod will deal damage dependent on mod’s additional damage - not on weapon’s total damage
  • Toxic status stacks only if it’s delivered by the same source, it deals 10% damage per second of hit’s damage.
  • SFX weirdnes research
  • Some weapons has unlisted mechanics: rifles and 1-handed shotguns may shoot extra projectiles, 1h bee shotguns charge up over time etc
  • Bleeding from swords doesn’t stack, but does stack from guns
  • Focus item’s All Ele Att Str doesn’t apply to effects that don’t match spell’s base damage type
  • Nanobots has a hidden attack cooldown and an enemy can’t be infected by more than one nanobot
  • Turning off the map completely may prevent crashes for Summoners (works better for at least one tester than avoiding using toxic eles)
  • Accuracy seems to affect the spread of some spells like Firestorm and Flameshards
  • Marksman weapon that launches bouncing disks deals damage based on time the projectile spends touching enemies
  • Constant attack rate isn’t standartized and can be anywhere between 60 and 600 attacks per minute. ex.: bladesaw likely has 600RoF.
  • Some unique weapons attack differently than their weapon model suggests
  • Some focus item types have different basic attacks
  • Summoner’s Dark Form can have up to x3 attack speed and it’s considered a feature
  • /stuck command returns you to the intended entrance of your current zone
  • almost every damage increase appears to be additive. approximate damage formula is: (all “adds x% ele dmg”) * phase * beacon * (armor reduction) * (literally everything else). this, for example, means that crits, strength and damage increase from leveling a melee skill don’t multiply each other, which leads to lower real damage increase than might be expected.
  • maximum rate of fire is somewhere beetween 600 and 700 rounds per minute - keep that in mind when picking weapons to use with Rapid Fire.
  • a thrown sword or shield is only partially a melee weapon - it benefits from strength, but won’t proc surges
  • offencive stats on a weapon apply only to that weapon
  • drone doesn’t benefit from getting +skill or +minionstat equipment put on it (as the drone has no skills or minions of it’s own)
  • Rapid Fire’s damage bonus upgrade affects novas. other general damage increases likely affect novas too.
  • energy drain rate is different for many weapons and in some cases may be completely removed with enough mods and a good affix.

Nice work :slight_smile:

I’ve also noted a few such mechanics at the very end of my ring guide, if you’d like to pinch those too for easier finding: 1.5 guide to rings

The poison-field from “The Serpent Protector” (shield) does crit. I showed that on a video in Testing (I guess)

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sorry, can’t watch the video. are you sure it was the field critting and not the splash hit?

i recall being told that the fields don’t crit, but i can’t recall what weapon or skill i used to test that. might have been pre-buff Swarm spell - when it didn’t have impact AOE, only field. might be that the field depends on existence of direct or splash damage on the source.

added 7 more points. had few more, but they’re either bugs or exploits, so not posting them.

pretty sure - cause the crit-ticks stay as long as the field is shown…

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6 more points! would be cool to have the numbers for energy drain and constant RoF :thinking: