Old e-mailadress blocked for account creation?


I just came back to Hellgate 2038 (client still installed) but my account data is not working. I already found out there was a whipe in 2020. Does my old account still exist though? When I try to create a new account, it says “The email has already been taken.” So something still seems to exist.

Hello Iiyueii, welcome :slight_smile:
There was indeed a wipe in 2020, so your account’s contents should be missing. What I’m understanding here though is your email is still connected to said account.
If you still have access to your email (but your old credentials are not working, as I’m assuming from “account data is not working”), could you try to reset your password? This should give you access to a blank account tied to your email, just like account creation would.

Hi :slight_smile:
I’ve already reset my password but my the combination with my old account name is not working.
Is there any way to find out which account name is bound to the mailadress?

Ah, so your login name doesn’t match the password you’re given?
In that case, please send me your login name and the email address in question in a private message, and I’ll look into it.

Okidoki, will do that, thanks! :slight_smile: