On the sound of the weapons

I think this is an overlooked topic. When playing this type of game alot of “feedback” of a gun comes from the sounds it makes. How a gun feels and if it is fun to play imho not only comes from its dmg output and GFX but alot from how its sound is designed. Some sounds really makes you feel what is going on.

There are some really good sounding weapons and some which really need an overhaul.

The good ones:
-Snipers (love it)
-Eviscerators (Hu)
-Rail Guns (very good)
-Thermo Cannons
-Cluster Rifles
-Phase Nova
-Starburst Explosion
-Eel Launchers
-Fire Fox
-Venom Novas
-Viridian Drakes

There are more, in fact the majority have good sounds. But there are some which sound really weak and need an overhaul:

-Plague spreaders
A big part of why they are not that likable imho is there slow projectile speed. This release type of sound is ok but it is way too loud at close quarters.

-Surge Cannons
They feel so weak and give no virtual feedback at all. Jetram Shotgun doesnt feel like a Shotgun at all. I know they are electric but eg the Thunderclashes have a much nice sound

They sound cheap like toy.

Too loud and there are definitly better Machine Gun sounds. I find them annoying.

Could be better, more lazerish.

very light sounding. More like a stapler.

-Thorn Bolters
Sounds kindof ridiculous.

Really sound like you are shooting ping pong balls

-Moongose Launcher
Dunno, sounds uninspiring

If i could choose three weapons where the sounds change i would choose plague spreaders, Surge Cannons and Baneblasters.