Paint.There is a suggestion

I got the paint on Stonehenge for the second time.Now I have two identical paints"10% Damage Increase" I can use, only one paint.Well, what should I do with the second one?I can’t sell it, it’s a pity to throw it away.Maybe in the second visit to Stonehenge, charge the survivor with another paint? Or, something useful.A retrainer, for example, or a ring.Or, just untie from the character.To be able to sell.

Oh it’s simple

Is this a joke!?If yes, then very bad!I didn’t ask for a cartoon link!I don’t speak English.

Alternalo’s suggestion here is to “flush” the second dye. As in, scrap it.

For my part, I’m not sure what we can do about this. Dividing SH and Abyss quests between modes is trickier, since they don’t have these modes themselves.
But we’ll see what might be done about it, thanks for bringing this up.

And you can do it, as on the Monument, where three variants of rings are offered for completing the quest?

There we could, practically, but that one belongs to the tutorial questline. That whole line’s rewards are the same across modes, so we can’t suddenly introduce new ones for that one quest.
Are these untradeable too?

They’re all right.Both are sold and transferred.By the way, I noticed that these rings can be disassembled.I didn’t try it.Don’t know what will happen?

Haven’t done it myself, but I’m assuming they should probably produce the same materials as other Legendary-grade items.

Yes, the same, but the protection on the rings in the second mode is doubled.If you do the same thing with an increase in damage on the paint?The first mode is 10%.The second mode is 20-30%?The name of the paint is one, but the value is different.

We can’t do that, I’m afraid. The rings’ stats scale because the item level differs; that’s why ring feeds will also differ, using this formula:

(level_feed * 10%) Acc, (level_feed * 5%) Stam

The dyes, however, don’t have a level and only have a custom property of a predetermined value. So the game scales rings by itself, but it can’t do so with dyes.

Hello.And what do you say about the helmet?He, too, remained 24 levels on the second difficulty level.Is it possible to raise the level of the helmet to the level of the character?

I’m not sure if we can assign different levels to SH quest reward items;

Of course I’m not an actual dev, so this is just my interpretation of the data. Always take these with a grain of salt.

But I suppose we can have them scale to the player’s level from the start, which would solve the NM level issue. This approach was brought up back then, and I can’t quite remember why we didn’t go with it. Perhaps there was some min/max level issue, not sure.
So I’ll bring it up, see if it’s approved and can reasonably be included in the next batch. Thanks for bringing this up.

Maybe I’m asking a stupid question, but is it possible to use the same formula for a helmet?After all, the rings somehow turned out to be of different levels and with different characteristics.And this, too, is a reward for the quest, as are the rings

As far as the items themselves go this could be done, yes. Any item that has a level (pretty much anything except dyes, I think) can be made to either

  1. scale, ie enemy level informs item level - so SH’s player level +5 scaling will inform enemy level, making items drop within that bracket, or
  2. be locked into a specific level, ie X item will only ever be level Y.

The third option there is to add “boosts”, so it can be enemy level + boost level making up the final item level.

In the case of SH, I’m guessing the inherent +5 scaling made this difficult, as we’d then get items the player can’t wear. IF that’s the case (wonky memory, sorry) we’d need to find some solution for this, through some caps or so.

Well, thank you.I will wait for the solution of this issue.Good luck.

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