Parental controls - what the hell?

There is one problem i have. Every time I click on “play” button in launcher, this erroe appear: “This application does not have permission to run due Parental Controls”. I am 24, playing on computer i bought to myself a I am pretty sure that i do not have type of parental lock :smiley: Can you pplease give me any advice what to do ? Thank you :slight_smile:

It certainly isn’t the game that is causing this. It’ll be a piece of software on your PC. The most likely culprit is your Antivirus software. What do you use (e.g. Norton Antivirus/Kaspersky Internet Security) ?
Or it could be the built in parental controls that Windows 10 has (also on the Xbox).

There are also various ‘NetNanny’ type software packages that sometimes come pre-installed on new PC’s

I’m on Win 7, and use Comodo security antivirus. Anyway, i tried to turn if off, but erroe still appear’s. How can i detect thos “NetNanny” softwares ?

I have found several internet thread about this issue, but no clear solution :frowning:

Have you tried completely exiting out of the antivirus? It’s perfectly safe to do that whilst playing the game. Not just disabling or suspending it. But actually shutting it down.

Does your internet service provider use any kind of content control? It’s unlikely to be that, but not completely impossible. What country are you in? I live in the UK and have used ISP provided content control software before that was somehow able to identify whether something had an ESRB rating. Hellgate: London (London 2038) is a certificate 15 game that is listed as containing “strong violence and horror” which would probably be blocked by content control software.

You may get more people offering to help by joining the London 2038 discord server. It’s considerably more busy than this forum.

Thank you, I already found a solution. It’s pretty weird tho…I had to start launcher from CD mechanic icon instead of shortcut icon…everything is working now. Thank you for your advice tho :slight_smile: