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Hello.Today for the first time (after a break of 2-3 years)I came to parliament.I decided to share my impressions and ask a question.There were “STRONG” words, but I decided to refrain.And therefore- just a question.Why encrypt the reward-For the Abyss, for the rest of the tasks?I’m not even talking about the reward level!(24-33).Despite the fact that it’s more complicated than, say, Stonehenge.Well, I made the first boss in the Abyss.And what I see.There are many mods with a question mark.One of which is my reward.I don’t know which one to choose.I don’t know, I see some incentive to mess around with tasks, it’s not known for what reward. I do not argue, the locations are VERY interesting. But maybe it’s worth removing the question marks? Do you understand what I mean? Good luck to everyone.

And, on the other hand, if you remove the question marks from the reward, the player will see that the reward does not correspond to the work.I once wrote on this topic.(Work is a reward).So, remove the question marks, don’t remove them, if the boss is level 60, the reward is level 30, then it’s not about the questions, but the developers.Sorry for being blunt.And I foresee the answer-"I don’t like it, don’t play.And if you’re playing, don’t make people nervous with your questions."Okay, never mind.While.

Hello there Kole, glad to see you return to Parliament. It’s quite a fun area to be in, I think.

First things first though,

Who has ever responded to you this way? Not us, certainly. We’ve had quite a few discussions over time, so it should be clear we don’t take the easy way and tell people to not speak. All feedback is valuable, and all discussions can be useful to both sides.

Now, the Parliament issue is twofold.

One, the levels of Titus’s mods have always been as FSS left them. The reason for that is, players can reach the station at lv30 and can/will grind there from 30 to 50. So there needed to be rewards for different character levels; there are some for 30s, some for 40s, and some for 50s. You can always choose the mod levels that fit your character, and the existence of lower-level mods doesn’t deprive you of higher-level ones.

Two, Parliament quest rewards being unidentified has always been this way too - and that’s not exclusive to that area.
Now, it’s a fair point that you might want to know what you’re getting for your work. However, people would then be able to choose the exact rewards they want/need through quest reward resets, which is not quite ideal for an RNG game by nature.

I hope this answers your concerns.

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Hello Bryan. As always, you are right. And I managed not to be rude to anyone! I’m growing by leaps and bounds! :upside_down_face:P.S. Is it possible to scale to the level? Or is there no point? Sorry, I don’t really understand these issues.

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See, conversation does help :slight_smile:

I don’t think that’s possible, sadly. There might be some trick to somehow make this work, but if FSS couldn’t figure it out I doubt we will.

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Thanks for the answer. I will look for positive aspects in all this. All the best.

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