Patch 1.2.2a Notes

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New Quest: “Sinncoming!” We are pleased to announce we have succeeded in adding the first completely new quest to the game, including custom dialogue, custom quest tasks and objectives, and a completely new item as a reward. This is a major accomplishment for the 2038 team, and lays the groundwork for many future content additions.…



Any clues as to where we may find this Q or is it a search & destroy ;-), e.g. creating a new char to pounce thru the game?

Really nice to see that you guys are now able to create these kind of things !

I hope it can bring some fixes on the current quests that are a pain to complete when for exemple there’s not enough of the target mobs to be found :slight_smile:


Thank you to all the 2038 Team!

This is a real step into your own development of the game … I am really looking forward to trying the new quest and the future content you hint at!

We shall not go quietly …

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Just ran the quest, my only notes are that the gates dont turn yellow to show where to go. not a huge problem, but something that i would recommend fixing before you add more quests like this.

Loving the new quest reward- how about using it again in nightmare with a skill retrainer as the reward? Maybe make it untradeable (if possible) or put a level limit in to avoid exploitation.