Patch 1.2.3a Notes

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Patch Overview The team at 2038 has decided to attempt a balance patch for the first time. The result of our research indicated that Summoners and various Rate of Fire levels across many guns needed the most immediate attention. Please read below to find out what has been changed. An important note–some item changes are…

Wow that’s some really big buffs overhaul Oo. Can’t wait to try all of them as i’m sure it gives us ton more choices and smooth levelling.
I’m slightly concerned about electrical surge guns as they were already “ok” i felt the last times i used them.
Can’t remember if the damage came mostly from the hit or the electrical field itself though so it might be fine ^^


Great changes! It would be great if the level requirements on weapons would decrease too.


Hi. I have the original game, but i want to play online, just i dont know how!? Where can I download the patch, and how can I play in this server? I browsing the forum but dont find nothing. :frowning: Please help me.

Welcome! :slight_smile:
Everything you need is here:

Cant wait going dual Reapers Hellrail.

Has rate of fire influence on the ability to apply effects on mobs?

Ok, tried out a lot of the changed weapons over the weekend.
The absolute winner for me so far is like i hoped Reapers Hellrail, It was fun to play before the patch but is now a weapon that can be used in the endgame aswell. At least i did a Cata 10 with it on my rank 20 MM.
Nantos was clearly behind and it doesnt have this aoe which compensates the quirky hit registering on the rail guns (especially on Orbiles and Lost ones sometime they dont hit at all). Edit: retested Nantos and they are not that far behind and the third modslot might give them the single target edge though against hordes you might get swamped where the reaper clears the mobs.
While they are my favourite Endgame MM weapons now because they are really fun and rewarding to play now they might be overpowered at the time they drop given that they are now very viable without even reaching level 50. But there doesnt exist any equivalent weapon in the endgame and leveling as a MM is not that easy anyways. In an ideal world they would probably drop as a Level 31 weapon with the same dmg.

Thermo Cannons and Combustion guns are an alternative now and can act like AOE snipers.
However i tested a Lvl 51 Thermo Cannon which was a super rare drop from the Quest in Finsbury (they normally cant reach lvl 51). It happened to be a full slot leg with usable stats :wink:
Both guns are in a good position now.

Surge cannons seem to be on a good level too but i didnt test them so long as their sound is so overly annoying and i didnt have one of those with the high number of slots.

Thunderclashes are alot cooler now. Kindof a hotshot 2.0. A little tricky to hit agaisnt moving enemies from afar but the pack a punch when they hit. Useless in sniper mode though, as you cant see anything.

Have still to test Jackhammers and the bouncing Betty which now looks very promising.
Edit: My Engi has some pretty good mythic Jackhammers and Errgoth was melting okish yesterday. Better than before. Very usable now. Also they are now fun with rapid fire as are most guns with more than 70 shots per minute. Dropping a bouncing betty barrage with rapid fire feels very satisfying.
Beyzack got the shaft though which is a bit of a shame though as they are so rare to find. They should still have some edge over the others.

I was missing out Cluster Rifles which should get an upgrade as they feel abit like the rocket launchers in Doom.

Was only testing on a Snper MM. For the engi it is a different story as you can put them on the Drone too. Lots of options - love it.

On the guardian side, for my croscutter Blademaster Novastorm has become an alternative. The other Nova Guns are better now too though i rather wished some stayed slower but hit harder. Have to test them on a guardian.

Plague Spreaders, well i have no idea if they are better now because they are so awfully loud that you cant use them with sound and i dont like the slow projectile speed.

I love the starburst but its fuse time is waaay too long. I mean they already fly slower than you can walk, so i think they should explode on impact.

I also like the splash on the Pacifier though it doesnt seem to retroactively come for older pacifiers.
They are nice phasers now if you dont like the mechanic of the shock bombers.

The firefield casters and shock bombers are nice too now.

The ethereal Spikers are surprisingly good now and i haven’t come across an Alucards though which might give the last edge to make them viable for a gunvoker. Because against onhit hydras they obviously cant compare. Have to check onhit or damage Baneblasters- only did a quick test without mods, where they did nothing against Errgoth but yeah without mods.

There are still some guns to test on the Cabalist side.
I would like to see the Bane of Abadon type of weapons to get their ROF increased too.

Will add my findings here.

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I really love this Summy Upgrade of sorts. There still is the hard core shudder when nova goes off with 41 elemental, but it is worth watching everything die. As far as balancing, if the rest of the class had similar boosts, other then the blade master, I think it would go a long way toward not making this game feel like and endless grind fest of never getting what you need. But then, this boost might be too much for the devs liking. Regardless, this is the first time I have felt like I am having fun with HGL and not working toward an impossible grind.

Patch 1.2.3a Übersicht [German Translation]

Unser Team hat sich in der Weiterentwicklung des Spiels zum ersten Mal mit dem ingame-Balancing beschäftigt und erhebliche Änderungen an der Spielmechanik von Waffen und vor allem der Summoner-Klasse erreicht.

Durch den bestehenden Alpha-Status des Spiels kann es passieren, dass Items in eurem Besitz diese Änderungen nicht enthalten – wie zB. die geänderte Feuerrate von Waffen usw.

Neu gedroppte Waffen, welche angepasst wurden, sollten diese Änderungen aber besitzen.

Die Änderungen an der Summoner-Klasse sind aber rückwirkend, sodass sich diese auf bestehende Chars schon auswirken wird.

Summoner-Klasse (1.2.3a)

  • Cooldown für die Beschwörung der Elementare auf 0,5 sek reduziert
  • Powerkosten für Elementarbeschwörungen erheblich reduziert
  • Skill „Elemental Nova“ hat nun einen maximalen Level von 5 (Anpassung Skillplaner)
  • Cooldown für „Elemental Nova“ jetzt bei 6,5 sek auf Level 1 und verkürzt sich um 20% pro Level
  • Der Explosions- und Feldradius von „Elemental Nova“ wurde von 6m auf 15m erhöht (Hinweis: Der Skill zeigt 6m an, aber der Radius wurde wie beschrieben geändert).
  • Die Basis-Hitpoints von Elementals und Ember wurden um 300% erhöht
  • Der Basis-Schaden von Ember, Fire, Force, Storm und Toxic Elementals wurde um 300% erhöht
  • Der Basis-Schaden von Spectral Elementals wurde um 700% erhöht
  • Fire, Spectral, Storm, und Toxic Elementals haben jetzt etwas Basis-Rüstung
  • Die Basis-Hitpoints, Rüstung und der Basis-Schaden von Shadow Minions wurde um 300% erhöht und sie haben nun eine kritische Chance von 10% für 250% kritischen Schaden
  • Die Basis-Rüstung von Carnagor wurde um 300% erhöht.
  • Der Carnagor hat nun eine kritische Chance von 25% für 300% kritischen Schaden.
  • Die Basis-Rüstung vom Witch Doctor wurde um 300% erhöht.
  • Die Basis-Hitpoints vom Reaper wurden um 100% erhöht.
  • Der Basis-Schaden vom Reaper wurde um 300% erhöht.
  • Die Basis-Rüstung vom Reaper wurde um 250% erhöht.
  • Die Laufgeschwindigkeit aller Elementals, Demons und Shadow minions wurde drastisch erhöht.
  • Die Größe von Fire, Spectral, Storm, und Toxic Elementals wurde leicht erhöht.

Sonstige Änderungen (1.2.3.a)

  • Cricket Bats droppen nun regulär.
  • Bei allen Varianten vom Peacemaker wurde der Schaden von Direct auf Splash (4m) geändert
  • Die Unique-Variante vom R. J. Donald’s Diplomat erhielt zusätzlichen Fieldschaden (4m).
  • Bei allen Jackhammer – Schrotpistolen wurde der Basis-Schaden verringert, um die erhöhte Feuergeschwindigkeit auszugleichen.

Änderungen der Feuerraten (1.2.3.a) [siehe auch Wiki]

Templar – Feuerwaffen (1-Hand)

Grenade Launchers Alte Rate in Schuss/Minute Neue Rate in Schuss/min
Shockshell 30 120
Shockbomber 30 120
Schock Cannon 30 120
Ashmore’s Reckoner (Unique) 30 120
Northwynde’s Arcane Hammer (Unique) 24 92
Firefiel Casters Alte Rate in Schuss/Minute Neue Rate in Schuss/min
Firefield Caster 30 60
Firefield Catapulter 33 75
Firefield Launcher 37 75
Fisher’s Fiery Cast (Unique) 15 30
Pistols Alte Rate in Schuss/Minute Neue Rate in Schuss/min
Redeemer 50 150
Peacemaker 50 150
Pacifier 60 200
Blessed Revolver (Unique) 50 150
R. J. Donald’s Diplomat (Unique) 42 120
Mac Kenzie’s Peacemaker 40 150
Elektro-Novaguns Alte Rate in Schuss/Minute Neue Rate in Schuss/min
Shockwave 7 30
Stormwave 7 30
Stormsurge 7 30
Leota’s Circumference (Unique) 7 60
Feuer-Novaguns Alte Rate in Schuss/Minute Neue Rate in Schuss/min
Flamewave 12 50
Fireflux 12 50
Firesurge 12 50
Hestia’s Vision (Unique) 24 92
Infernal Halo (Unique) 12 50
Gift-Novaguns Alte Rate in Schuss/Minute Neue Rate in Schuss/min
Grimwave 8 40
Grimflux 8 40
Plauge’s Halo 8 60
Spectral-Novaguns Alte Rate in Schuss/Minute Neue Rate in Schuss/min
Parawave 6 20
Paraflux 6 20
Starburst 30 60
Trakt’s Illumination (Unique) 10 50
Physische-Novaguns Alte Rate in Schuss/Minute Neue Rate in Schuss/min
Slammer 10 46
Crasher 10 46
Yahtel´s Fist (Unique) 10 60
Afflictors Alte Rate in Schuss/Minute Neue Rate in Schuss/min
Afflictor 50 150
Plague Spreader 60 200
Misery’s Gift (Unique) 50 150
Foulrot (Unique) 40 120
Pepy´s Darts (Unique) 30 92

Hunter – Feuerwaffen

Jackhammer (1-Hand) Alte Rate in Schuss/Minute Neue Rate in Schuss/min
XMS5 Jackhammer 37 92
XMS10 Jackhammer 37 92
Aden’s Avenger (Unique) 37 92
Gau’s Equalizer (Unique) 30 92
Cannons (2-Hand) Alte Rate in Schuss/Minute Neue Rate in Schuss/min
XM171 Thermo Cannon 24 60
Bunkport’s Tsunami 18 60
Tyler´s Pistol (Unique) 24 60
Cannonaden (1-Hand) Alte Rate in Schuss/Minute Neue Rate in Schuss/min
Grenade Launcher 30 75
Arclight RDX Grenade Launcher 30 75
Arclight Cannonade 30 75
Fusilier’s Friend (Unique) 30 75
Derek’s Divine Equalizer (Unique) 20 75
Bouncing Betty (Unique) 30 75
Lowber’s Lucky Lobber (Unique) 30 75
Chrome Bolters (1-Hand) Alte Rate in Schuss/Minute Neue Rate in Schuss/min
XM41 Bolter 85 240
XM41 Thermal Bolter 85 240
XM42 Convection Bolter 100 300
XM43 Chrome Bolter 120 300
Vulcan Bolter (Unique) 50 200
Illiaster’s Majestic Sun (Unique) 40 200
Mac Kenzie’s XM41 Bolter 100 300
Techsmith’s Phlogiston Emitter 85 240
Max’s Molten Metal Projector 60 240
Jin’s Chromium Dragon 120 300
Surge Cannons (2-Hand) Alte Rate in Schuss/Minute Neue Rate in Schuss/min
Nanodyne Surge Cannon 85 150
Jetram Shockgun (Unique) 75 150
Thor’s Hammer (Unique) 40 150
F-S Rail Pistols (1-Hand) Alte Rate in Schuss/Minute Neue Rate in Schuss/min
F-S Rail Pistol 30 120
Reaper’s Hell Rail 30 120
Nanto’s Third Rail (Unique) 30 120
Thunderclashes (2-Hand) Alte Rate in Schuss/Minute Neue Rate in Schuss/min
XM909 Thunderclash 171 400
XM9X Thundergod (Unique) 171 400
Combustion guns (2-Hand) Alte Rate in Schuss/Minute Neue Rate in Schuss/min
Arclight Combustion Gun 30 60
Arclight Explosive Cannon 30 60
The Breath of Shulgoth 22 60
Amir’s Arclight Thunder (Unique) 35 60
Ether’s Fusillade (Unique) 33 60

Cabalist – Feuerwaffen

Spikers (1-Hand) Alte Rate in Schuss/Minute Neue Rate in Schuss/min
Ethereal Spiker 100 300
Celestial Spiker 120 300
Lord of the Night (Unique) 100 300
Alucard’s Continuum (Unique) 60 300
Plagueblasters (1-Hand) Alte Rate in Schuss/Minute Neue Rate in Schuss/min
Baneblaster 300 600
Contagion Delivery Device 240 600
Deshpande’s Diseased Devotion 240 600
Hive Crystals (1-Hand) Alte Rate in Schuss/Minute Neue Rate in Schuss/min
Hive Crystal 40 120
Hive Shard 40 120
Chaos Pistols (1-Hand) Alte Rate in Schuss/Minute Neue Rate in Schuss/min
Chaos Pistol 37 120
Boneshredders (1-Hand) Alte Rate in Schuss/Minute Neue Rate in Schuss/min
Boneshredder 42 120
Pyrocasters (1-Hand) Alte Rate in Schuss/Minute Neue Rate in Schuss/min
Pyrocaster 27 60
Pyrosmasher 33 60
Tempest Rifles (2-Hand) Alte Rate in Schuss/Minute Neue Rate in Schuss/min
Tempest Rifle 42 120
Typhoon Rifle 42 120
Shulgoth’s Infernal Storm (Unique) 33 120
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