Patch 1.3.0a Notes

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Patch Summary This patch introduces a major bug fix for disappearing mods in items in the shared stash, which is one of the major items we wanted to fix before beta. Our list of bugs before beta grows shorter, and our ability to modify the game and respond to feedback has grown immensely. Also included…

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Awesome changes!

I see the enemies with the Shielded affix not actually having any shields remains unfixed.

Really nice patch ! Giving us a reason to farm campaign bosses is great !
After some of us complained that inventory size/bank space were an issue, I’m sure that backpack + Piecemaker will already help a lot <3
Being able to get lowish uniques everywhere is also nice, as sadly grinding low level stuff is not a great way to spend the day ^^

Appreciate the changes, gives me a good reason to do parliament rifts rather then the wilds.

Wow, patches are like buses- you wait for ages and then three come at once :joy:
But seriously, well done team, great work. Just trying summy atm, first impressions- maybe a bit too strong but cutting elemental nova a definite- was blowing up most of screen like a Global Engi :open_mouth:

Uff, smells like Jesus Patch :slight_smile:

So many issues adressed. Love the Sydonai change.

The only fear i have is that at some point the game gets to easy. Therefore i suggest thinking about a means for the player to increase difficulty by themselves (eg paying more than 5 essences to make the Bossruns harder etc.)

Wow! Love the techsmith changes, and the hellrift monster density increase is interesting. Not sure if related, but the game froze on me in the first hellrift I encountered since the patch. Been a good while since it did that.

The Peacemaker weapon nerf hit me a bit, though, playing a ranged guardian, as I found that to be way more effective than sword+shield, especially since for some reason the “use both weapons” button doesn’t actually use the shield’s attacking powers. Only problem I find playing ranged is that sometimes flying creatures, especially soul reapers and the like, become completely immune to ranged attacks, not sure if that is a bug or “by design”; I can’t remember running into those situations before with other ranged classes.

Love the care and attention you’re giving to this good old game, and love playing it at the moment. The latest patches brought me back to the game one again, with some interesting and good changes lately. Keep up the good work!

Holy crab cakes! I have to say, the increased monster density of Ancient Blood is a bit too much! Hardcore players better beware, walking into an area which is a sea of rare and epic mobs, no safe squares around until you kill of the first - HUGE - wave… I just spent 30-45 minutes clearing off one of these levels - at least the game didn’t freeze this time. I don’t think I’m joking if I say I killed off at least 50 rare ravagers. Drops kind of reminded me of the days before the Piecemaker (GREAT addition, by the way), where I had to go in and identify and destory high level equipment at the same rate as normal drops were before the Piecemaker. I got 4 unique drops in one Ancient Blood, and orange items beyond count!

You could safely halve the current amount, and it still would be a huge increase of what was before, and more than enough, I’d say.

Dont have any character to try by myself but i’m happy to hear ancient blood got some love ! I always felt these areas were not really worth looking for. If it can provide a cool leveling zone outside of SH i’m all for it !
It’s not often that we are challenged by raw amount of mobs also. I love the feeling that if i take too much at once i could get in danger, while still wanting to pull everything at once for fun :P. It’s not really the same kind of game but Earth Defense Force does that really well (EDF 5 released on steam a few weeks ago btw, best one in the series for those interested).

Just noticed; the new pick up method for the Piecemaker of items not to be kept, i.e. any item that is automatically dismantled, no longer counts towards the mini-game when picked up automatically. Pressing ‘F’ still works, but in the heat of action most items are getting picked up automatically, which then prolongs the time required to track down mods, armor, guns or swords for the mini-game, for those of us who cares about that. Hope that can be fixed in a later patch.

I agree with Cartman1337, the Piecemaker should work the mini-game pick up ideally.

This weekend i did alot of Catas and Bromptons. And i love both. Abyss seems alot more feature complete.
You can still hunt the rifts like before in Upper/lower Parliament etc. But if you like to add to it you go Catas for rifts mods and the bosses and exclusively the areas big boss Talox and therefore the higher difficulty in Catas is ok.
Brompton is nice for levelling and the chance for an Ancient blood. I would place Shulli into ancient blood though. He deserves a lategame return :wink: