Patch feedback ... oh my


Patch … nice … wow … new stuff … ouch

I do not get it.

Rail Guns - +30% “dmg” DECREASE

Has anyone ever tried playing +54mlvl with Rails? Not just Abyss etc boss runs with 56mlvl in party. Being that they are single target dmg I just don’t see why they would seem to be overpowered … in any way … now they are barely useful, solo in Cemetery with 53mlvl … but beyond?

Shield Wall - 90% DECREASE

Shield Wall is … everything BUT a wall now and if invested into it is now useless … mayBE in softcore noone appreciates a Guard just tanking & sucking it up so the team may shine … WALL has been a crucial skill in sucking it, buying time for cooldowns while staying strong in the face off it … NOW … utterly useless … what is wrong with you people cutting it down to 1/10 and adding a recharge rate … like I’m gonna recharge while getting beaten up … NO … now it’s just another SoF - fantastic job you guys ruined the whole idea of the skill … and the tank with it … yeah I know you don’t need a tank in softcore and in hardcore most don’t have the balls to be in the middle of the heat at mlvl56+ or are so annoyed of the Guard having no damage that most never play it … ok I get that, but why do you nerf the tanking instead of building the guards damage output …?

But what’s worse … a lot worse … these chars are “crap” now … so I am to run Moloch to find retrainers to “fix” em … sorry mates, this is some inconsiderate horseshit … you change skills and items so drastically and expect folks to take … yeah just shut up and go grind … great appreciation of players. I have 10 chars, all classes, some of them 2-3 of each … and guess what … two guards, three MM … both Guards are affected - OBVIOUSLY

Maybe for softcore players that is no big deal … yeah sure, they never loose stuff, so heck they prolly have retrainers piled up or just shop em … Hardcore, not so much. I like hc and I don’t mind dying and doing it all over … but doing it all over just because you trashed them because of your blatant ignorance.

Hell no.

I’ve really been looking forward to this patch … now I am all demotivated after jumping in yesterday and today as well and atm … I don’t give a rats ass of all the other stuff (prolly good) you’ve added … that’s how pissed I am. “Lost” three chars in a day … due to the devs … and chars with +2 points in useless skills are trash to me … they were hardly perfect before … but didn’t have several wasted skillpoints or even skills … now they not only feel trash, no they effectively are.

Great job, thanks for nothing … “…we will never do a wipe again…” … no we will just change skills and items and leave you with the heap of trash … the wipe’s at least been honest.

This so far feels really abysmal … again to me it seems … very inconsiderate … like devs dryrunning it …

So, did you wait until the skill retainers were issued out or did you just rage on the forums first? Okay that’s a bit harsh, but your comments are really over the top.

Almost everything you said about shields is not taking other parts of the patch into consideration. Also in a game that is going to get patched, things are going to change and part of that is accepting this is a beta. You cannot state that characters are “crap” when you clearly haven’t had any time to actually play the game.

Please keep your criticism constructive, because you haven’t made a single suggestion that would make the game better, just vented. I cannot believe that a player of this game would post in this way, as you not only vent, not only fail to make things better, but then infer that the devs are telling you to “yeah just shut up and go grind”. Last I checked no one on dev has done that.

So kindly, if you have something to say, say it well and don’t resort to venting. You’re not helping anyone and if you’re upset that your time was “wasted” then please check the announcement section of the London 2038 discord, because it was announced there that skill retrainers would be given for free to all characters effected by the patch. That was like a day or so after it dropped.


I’d just like to add that the skill retrainers were announced after Nemios made his post; I was on the Discord at the time and we were chatting a bit on the update, with his venting both in the forums and the Discord server coming before the announcement.

I don‘t know how long it takes you to figure out that your invested skill tree and some skills don’t work as pre-patch. Me? Less than 5 minutes. Folks do have different play styles I see that every time when playing with friends :sunglasses:.

Yeah, in hindsight I may agree, I could and should have been a tad less intense.

My intention wasn’t to insult or “incinerate” anyone, in particular not the devs for something I had been looking forward to for weeks and btw I also mentioned in the post that MOST if not all changes are positive and that I couldn’t wait for it to go live.

I believe that we all have emotions and that we all should be allowed to state them in descriptive language, so the other may “feel” the other side of the screen … that’s what I did, it wasn’t meant to hurt someone, nor do I think it did.

Thanks for the retrainer, I used it wisely.

Alas, I do wonder why we need two Shields of Faith, as Wall is nothing more than that now … but I will give a full and detailed feedback on my thoughts once I’ve given all my toons a full spin.

Thanks :blush: