Peacemaker Buggged?

My character Feradre Has completed all the quests in charing stating and wasn’t given a Peacemaker. The tech npc didn’t show a quest and am unsure if maybe the requirements weren’t met to recieve the quest, or if the quest didn’t give me the blueprint after talking to him. All quests are showing done in charing station however. That i can tell anyway

Hello there, welcome.
The most likely outcome is that you did get the quest, but the sequence was interrupted and so a Piecemaker wasn’t awarded.
If that’s the case, a GM can deliver a replacement.

are you on Nightmare difficulty already (second playthrough)? if yes - you won’t see the quest.

How do i contact a GM to get one delivered and as far as I know i’m only on elite. I didn’t have a normal option, first playthrough with a new character.

For such concerns you can typically contact me or Psyona on the project’s Discord server. Here works too, of course, but Discord tends to work better for synchronous communication since we’ll have to meet in-game for delivery.