Phixits GUNdain build

So you wanna play a tank have no shield and look badass, Look no further than the Gundain. the Gundian is a Non-Meta tank build. It provides all of the utility of a tank (I.E taunts/survivability and armor break) while being able to solo all content in the game. Gundians DONT do the most damage per second (DPS) by any means but can easily do enough to solo all bosses/mini bosses in the game. The best part about playing a gundain is how versatile gearing can be.

Leveling: You can start leveling as gundian from level 1, as long as you are able to equip a gun you can run gundian. leveling is certainly easy as guardian in general but with guns its even arguably easier. First you will want to put some points into Aura of Renewal, this will allow you to pretty much face tank the whole early game with no worries. After 3 or so points into Aura of renewal, Put 1 point into shield of faith (Will go over why shield of faith is great for survivability later).You then will be able to start dumping points into Anchor which you should max as fast as possible. Put 1 point into prayer of healing this is pretty much a free health injector that you do not have to buy from vendors. once you have points into all of those put some points Aura of defense, but do not use it yet since we can only run 1 Aura at a time this early. Once you are level 20+ put points into Spiritual Toughness. This provides stamina boost for gearing and making leveling easier with more maximum life. During this time you can start to put points into your taunts such as Challenge/Denounce. After you have the main course of these points fill in the points where ever to fit this tree.


Here are some of the main skills that you will want to use as a GUNdian.

  • Anchor: Anchor is your bread of butter of doing damage this skill provides a total of 120% flat increased damage. This is skill makes you anchor to the ground (toggle-able) but in return you get some sweet damage out. You will want to max Anchor or at least get to max through items (I.E +1 guardian skills on helmet and Unrepentant Pace boots)

  • Denounce + Challenge: These are the only taunts that guardians have Challenge is and AOE taunt and is good for weaker (trash) mobs while Denounce is Single target taunt good for Bosses. These two taunts also have supported skills that are linked with them Provoke and Heavenly Condemnation. Provoke makes Challenge (AOE taunt) taunt much stronger making harder mobs more likely to be taunted. Heavenly Condemnation decreases the targeted enemies armor by up to 25% (Armor Break).

-Shield of Faith: Shield of faith may not look good at all, but it is one of the best survivability skills in the game. Although it states it only increases shields by X amount. when used at 0 shield or anything less than full shields it will INSTANTLY replenish your shield to full + that X amount. You will likely be using this off of cooldown based off of amount of mobs you are taunting or just the amount of damage you will be tanking.

-Aura of Renewal: This aura along with shield of faith is basically why the gundian is still able to tank with little to no armor at all. AOR increases your health regeneration per minute based off of how many enemies are within your auras. With this skill maxed out you can have up to +1500 health regenerated per minute.

-Aura of Defense: Aura of Defense is a really strong aura for any guardian it increases your armor by a flat percentage per enemy within the aura. This skill even at level 5 gives you 21% increased armor per enemy within it.

-Aura of Stability: Aura of Stability is what allows the gundian to run multiple auras at once with no penalties. This we max out because as a gundain we can use all of the defense we can get from our auras.

-Gameplay: The gamplay of the Gundain is simple. For big open areas you want to run around using your AOE taunt (Challenge) every time it is off of cooldown. Once you have a group of mobs around you, you will then want to us ANCHOR and start Blasting, use shield of faith when needed to instantly refill your shields. For bosses it is pretty self explanatory you will want to use Denounce and Challenge both off of cooldown and use shield of faith when needed.

-Gearing: Gearing can be difficult while leveling, just use what ever you can while trying to save up as much Palladium as possible. If you having trouble killing mobs while leveling you can look on the CH for any possible weapon or gear upgrades.
there are many different gundians running many different sets of gear. but there are some items are absolutely BIS for all of them. These include:
Jugalators Guards (pants),
Unrepentance Pace ( boots),
+1 to all guardian skills Helmet,
Collection plates or Horns of Hattin ( shoulders)
Warrior belt or Troyes’ Council ( belt)
Vivian’s Gleaming Gauntlets (arms)
The Tinkers Chest or Leitner’s Legacy ( body armor)

There are also multiple types of weapons you can run during the endgame. unfortunately most of the 2 handed weapons do not do enough damage compared to 1 handed weapons.
Some weapons to test if you would like playing are.
Nova Guns: Nova guns are slow firing high damage weapons that shoot in a ring around the player. They are great for gundains as they can hit everything from the the front of the player to the back of the player.
The Burning Crusader: The BC can be used as an alternative for low budget gundians whith high ignite attack strength. If you are going to use burning crusader make sure you use ignite strength mods to help with ignite chance.
the best DPS weapons for a gundain would be double 8 mod slot vorpal slashers with all 8 mods being - On Hit nova mods- such as Shrapnel, Explosive Spikes, and other elemental novas.

I have hit level 50 Rank 50 With little to no effort with this build and mostly done solo. I have fought/tanked for all bosses with ease and solo’ed most of them.

There are still tons of weapons to test with gundians and still very many different ways of building one. If you have any questions you can always add my Character Phixit or shoot me a Zmail.


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