Piecemaker Quest issues


so a friend and me got issues with the piecemaker quest.
Now we both have a char without piecemaker and the quest is gone.
Are there any workarounds to get into the quest again or get somehow hands on the piecemaker?

I accidently hit “ESC” when Tech420 wanted to hand me the piecemaker and then the dialog was gone and no quest anymore.

My friend manage to loose the “red bulb”-thing after creating it, so he did not have it in the inventar and cant proceed the quest.

New chars are created and we passed the quest succesfully, but it´ll be great to recover the old chars :smiley:

ruedi :smiley:

Hi Ruedi :slight_smile:

Thanks for reaching out about this. I’ll try to get in contact tonight to provide you both with a Piecemaker. In the meantime, could you submit a report about this? Any and all details on how the quest malfunctioned will be most helpful.


where/how can i report`?


Hi, you can find the known issues list and the bug report form here. Alternatively, it’s also pinned on our Discord’s #testing channel.