Ping problems. Second server.

Hello. Your project is wonderful, but the ping is not so great. I’m from the Russian Federation, and it’s almost impossible to play normally. Lags, disconnects… I have to play the single-player version, but after your juicy multiplayer… vanilla is no longer perceived so well.
Suggestion: let’s open another server somewhere in Europe, or in Western Russia? It’s not too expensive, is it? I think many in the community will be interested and agree to support the server with their donations. For my part, I can try to convey this to people in the Russian-speaking community. I’m not an influencer, but it seems to me that many would happily donate to support the project and play with a comfortable ping. I don’t think it would be too difficult to get people to do it.

Hi there, welcome.

I understand the inconvenience and frustration, but that cannot be done at the moment. Beyond all the other hassle, my understanding is that even funding such a hypothetical server through donations could jeopardize the project which we do not want. (I have briefly touched on this suggestion here, among other places, if you need any additional elaboration.)
On server performance, we’ve been facing some OVH host issues lately. We’ve been trying in that regard, but the issue is not in our hands alone. So on that front we kindly ask for your patience.

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Of course, I understand that there are many difficulties and possible risks for the whole project. But, have you thought about contacting Lunacy Games to request official permission to expand and develop your project? I mean, they’re kind of about to start developing the second part, and it’s probably safe to assume that they wouldn’t mind getting PR from a project based on the first part from fans. Maybe you can even count not only on permission to use and expand the first part, but also on some kind of support from them. If we really get into fantasy, then maybe they would eventually be interested in inviting someone from your team to their team to develop the second part, for example? I mean, these are all far-reaching conclusions, but such precedents are not at all uncommon in the gaming industry.
In any case, thanks for the answer. I hope everything will be fine for you and Project 2038. Great job guys! ^^

Some of us (that I know of) have individually reached out through their contact form, but didn’t want to press it. We want to hope that anything in that broader realm can come to pass, but the choice will have to hinge on Lunacy and Sir Roper.
Still, I do appreciate the optimism. And I really do hope we can in any way support the new Hellgate, myself.