Playing this MP version over SP Rebirth

Hello! I’m new to this version of the game and just looking to play the best solo experiecne of Hellgate atm.

I know I’d have to play on the MP servers, but would playing solo there be a better experience over the pure SP Rebirth version?

My main concernes are if the difficulty is too easy/hard as a solo player, and if the story can be finished (all cutscenes and end scredit screen) playing in this Multiplayer version.

Also just wanted to say how amazing it is people still care about this game and how happy I am seeing it still worked on.

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Hi there, welcome :slight_smile: Many thanks for the kind words, it’s always great to see people derive enjoyment from this game and this project.

The question of difficulty is a bit hard to answer. If you only care for the single story playthrough (ie lv1-30 Normal mode) the difference should be minimal. Our version might be slightly easier as regards player power, especially since you can purchase gear from others instead of relying on drops alone. But our Champions are generally harder, especially Regenerating ones, so it really boils down to player experience and choices.
Now, if you wanted to clear the story twice into Nightmare, that’s a different discussion entirely due to level scaling, endgame gear, and other factors. But I imagine that’s not much of a priority, since the story is identical across the two modes.

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Thanks for the quick reply.

I’m looking forward to playing through this then. I’ll probably try teaming with others later down the line as I don’t think I’ve ever played coop Hellgate even though I picked it up at launch.

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