Playing tokyo (abyss) etc

Hi, I have hgl installed, but my characters exit when I finish the ‘tests’. Where did abyss/tokyo come from? Was it a patch that I dont have - a server download? Just curious as I would like to add it to single player.


We have abyss in 2038.

Tokyo was only in Hellgate Global and i’m not sure it’ll ever be ported in 2038 for copyright reasons unless i’m wrong.
Afaik there’s currently no way to play Tokyo expansion except for some shady underground chinese servers or something ^^

Thanks, is that SP or just MP? Jim

I don’t think there is any way to play SH/Abyss/Tokyo in SP.

The only clean and “official” to experience SH/Abyss is 2038 as far as i know.

Hellgate Global like many things that have come to pass is an event that many of us wish we could unremember, or completely forget. It was like Hellgate but a shadow of it. Like the live actions Avatar the last Air Bender movie. If you wished to have the best pet or the greatest trinket you would have to dig into your wallet for it. The graphics Pale in comparison to the rich physics of HG2038. This included Tokyo, which ran from level 35-50. Nightmare was deleted. They took the London outa hellgate, while some of the skills that were added and features would be nice improvements, ultimately it came at too great a cost. Unless Hanibitsoft wishes to distribute it, i do not foresee it ever being again. There was no Single player in HGG, much like Stonehenge and Parliament the entire game was online only

If you have the steam version of hellgate london, the latest patch does include tokyo

HELLGATE: London Tokyo Scenario Update

my single player engineer is not good enough to be there, about level 20 as a first time player

installed the multiplayer version from hellgate london from dvd to a different directory

can see the char created in the dvd install in the single player steam version, but not the char created by the steam version in the old dvd install.

but I have never tried to mix my chars between the two different installs, don’t know if you have to be warned

How do you get access to the Abyss?, also I remember a section involving whitehall or parliament in the old game, are they still in there?
IOt just I’ve gone through the main quest line and done a bit in stonehenge but was looking for more content.
Thanks in advance

Abyss is in the Parliament area. Its a portal in the middle of a large ‘square’.