Please make BM awesome!

I’m a hardcore BM user. Thank you very much for letting me enjoy the Hellgate London 2038.
my English is not good enough. We appreciate your patience.
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BlasdeMaster is powerful but feels the need to complement its viability.

Skills that help with survivability include Surge and restoration. This is not enough.
restoration is a good skill. However The game actually dies in 2 or 1 second.

Most closely fighting BMs are at risk.

In Hanbit Tokyo game, there was a avoid skill.

It was originally a thorns, but it was breeding as an evasion. (London2038 Executives also know.)

In the original Tokyo game, BM could never beat the Guardian. But this Skill was the opposite. (BM win)

Call of the Chosen is a good skill. But it requires too much investment. I thoroughly tested this skill.
Terror doesn’t play well at long range.

Overall, the Guardian is overwhelmingly superior to the BM, except for the SOJ

surge Skiils are good, but require too much investment.
The problem with BM is that many skills except SOJ are mediocre, and you need to learn surge skills to strengthen SOJ.

I’ve done a lot of research, but there is no merit of BM in hardcore.

The shield has a low weight in terms of defense, which doesn’t greatly improve its survival even when the hardcore BM use it.

The Guardian does not mind the low defense of the shield is so good that the guardian’s Aura of defense

I hope there was another skill to ensure the BM’s survival.

For example, avoid or the Guardian’s Shield Bash or the Defense Aura.

In other games, you can refer to skills in a role group similar to BM

Warcraft 3
Blademaster - mirror image, wind walk
Demon hunter - evasion

Genji - reflect

Diablo 2
Amazon - dodge, avoid, decoy
Amazon is similar to BM in that it uses three hits.(Jab)
Barbarian - Battle Cry (Wide area stern)
Assasin - Weapon Block (Swords act as shields)

Thank you!

Hello, welcome! :slight_smile:

No worries, where there’s a will there’s a way :slight_smile:

That’s true. Damage absorption had been revamped in the TC, and it does seem that HP values and defense often lead to such issues; there’s few endgame frames where taking damage and healing it away is a viable strategy.

Parry, yes. From what I’ve gathered Parry seemed to have been based on the Evasion stat, which we do have - so we could probably recreate the skill, or something similar to it in function.

I’ll admit I love the skill, since it’s the one way BMs can build around being offtanks. But it’s very true that there’s little to gain and much to lose from Fear at the moment, and offtanks aren’t really needed at this point.

I’d suggest it’s the other way around, where Surges are strengthened by SoJ’s ability to trigger them. But I can agree that, for what they provide, Surges are quite an investment that doesn’t seem to fully pay off.
I’ve most often ended up dropping Speed entirely, and just getting minimal Restoration for Templar Restoration. Wrath is still invaluable for crit builds, of course.

I can’t comment on this, as I’m no HCE player. I can only say I’ve seen many dedicated HCE BMs, so I’d be inclined to believe they’re viable, just not optimal.

This I can agree with. For defense, shields are pretty much inconsequential for both Templars at this point, which I don’t quite like - another byproduct of the damage absorption revamp and the unfinished TC, sadly.

Still, while I’d love to have BMs have a visible benefit from picking up a shield, I wouldn’t like it to be a 1-item solution; much like how Guardians’ Aura of Defense would buff a shield armor bonus and lead to the desired overall defense, I’d like BMs to have to do something similar to build up.
It might be as simple as buffing the scaling effect of Surge of Restoration coupled with a shield, or buffing TAV values so that BMs can stack it to reach the defense they need, but I wouldn’t want to isolate it to either 1 item or 1 skill.

Lifesteal has often been brought up as another mechanic that could solve this; another way to tie damage to survivability, so that the class can survive through its own gameplay - much like Surges. So maybe that’s another solution.

Thank you for your kind reply.

I often imagine a semi tank through BM.
(This is my taste.)

This can be very difficult from the standpoint of adjusting the overall balance.

But it can be positive for team play.

Thank you!

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You can use aura of deflection to destroy around 60% of the incoming projectiles. Don’t underestimete this protection, around half of the mobs in the game shoots some kind of projectile to attack you. It is also protecting anyone behind you in your party.
Maxing surge of restoration for heals, maxing shield regeneration (along with the achievement perk) combined with the seraph armor set will make mobs hard time even reaching your HP, ignoring all SFX (well except for Talox fight). Not to mention aura of deflection is a cheap skill, it maxes out at 5 not like most aura.
If you want a melee protection you can always wield a shield, you can use soj with 1 weapon too, or get a Bloodletter and go for the “red” tree. Even a single point on Thorns makes sure you deal a physical reflect damage, which actually can stun if you apply some elemental strength via aura of elements, supported by affliction for example. Thorns damage can also trigger your surges if you have a sword in your hand.