Please modify the effect of spider mines and some skills


I recently started an engineer. It is very comfortable and fun.

I am happy that the Engineer’s Spider Mine is very powerful.

However, the spider mine’s self-destruct effect is also very powerful.

The black screen hurts my eyes. It’s painful!

This is a problem even if you are obscured by obstacles. I use a spider mine and point my view in the opposite direction.

When playing a party, I am a little sorry to other party members.

This is solved by setting the shader to extream in Direct10 mode.

But the PC performance is poor.

Doesn’t the evoker’s teleportation hurt your eyes?

Thank you!

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On what DirectX you play?

I use a laptop, so I play on Direct9.
Laptops these days have improved a lot. But still, the Direct9 frame is much better than the Direct10.
Using the shader in extreme mode in Direct10 will not cause any problems.
When using a spider mine in Direct9, a black round circle is created.

Thank you!

DX9 is… damaged. Many graphic effect are overbright, badly rendered. On my PC whole game looks like with very bad bloom effect.

Give it a try on DX10. Since game was introduced many things changed and hardware made some progress. Even older machines should manage to carry that game on DX10. And remember it was like the first game on DX10.