Please restore original damage of Bloodletter


merry christmas and happy vacation to everyone. I played the three slot Bloodletter in Alpha fully augmented and upradet with +ele damage and divine relics with 225 physical base damage. Now in Beta, with three divine relics and because of 50% reduced damage of the Bloodletter i can only reach a physical base damage of 112, also fully augmented and upgraded. Compared to the Blade of Chaos with 144 spectral base damage (standard, not upgraded) and the other high attack strengths IHMO the Bloodletter got castrated and i am really disappointed with its present damage power in Church Yard. Please restore the original damage of the Bloodletter or at least 80% of it. Thankyou.

Hi MaxFar, welcome back :slight_smile:

Bloodletter is a bit of a curious case in general. It’s unconventional, so straight comparisons to BoCs can’t be completely accurate. Case in point, SoJ - which Mew explored in depth in this thread. I also delved into single/dual-wielding SoA in this video, and on Guardian SoR builds in this guide (more on this just below), for further context.
There’s also the point that BoCs should be better, since they’re a higher “tier” drop; if the two are equal, Templars(/BMs) have no real incentive to farm Dawn over plain Dessy.

So, before entertaining buffing it, I’d like to pinpoint which numbers it should get; what it should achieve. For example, on Guardians, I’ve had very comparable results with SoR Bloodletter with its current numbers and SoJ BoC. Bloodletter can’t mechanically compete with Hikis/BoCs on equal terms with SoJ, as per Mew’s analysis, so we’re left with more specific uses like Anchor/SoR and the occasional WW - which it seems to be fine at.
That’s not to say I’m dismissing your suggestion, not at all. I’d just like to be as specific as possible so we’ll know if it’s warranted.

Hello Bryan,

i hope you had a wonderful christmas vacation with your family. Okay, so when i understand you, both swords have individual strength and can not be 1:1 compared. I will keep my eyes open to find three ele damage + divine relics to get the most damage out of it and will try the BoC as well. Currently i like the Bloodletter, especially because of the DoT! Only in Church Yard i experience the lack of power i had in London 2038 Beta.

All the best

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Hello Bryan,

since the Guardian can only carry one Sword to do damage, i would suggest setting the Bloodletter to its full specs and making it Guardian only. Is that possible? What do you think about this idea? Since the Blademaster can carry two Bloodletters or Blade of Chaos, i feel that the Guardian could need a individual Bloodletter for his own, that is stronger than it is now. BR

I mainly used Blood Letter during Alpha.

As you can see, it’s definitely weakened by patch 1.5.

Importantly, it’s also related to the nerfed shield penetration option for most weapons and armor.

Dot damage does not work on shields.

It was easy to set up shield penetration options in the Alpha season.

But, Arch angel visage now only offers a 20%-25% shield penetration option.

For example, this weapon is advantageous for the Sword Typhoon skill
But where the enemy’s shield is maximum when it first encounters an enemy.

Even if you hit Sword Typhoon, Dot Damage does not work.

Theoretically, to get the most out of it, Remove the enemy’s shields and use this weapon.

It’s not easy.

But with all the shields cut off, after using the Sword of Authorty, after grabbing it with a fast weapon like Hikida,

You can feel more powerful if you fire SOJ.

I found the good points of the Sword of Authorty technique during this test process.

Instead of doing SOJ rampage, mixing SoA can save you a lot of mental power(mana).

Most of the time BladeMaster lacks mental power when it comes to SOJ rampage in 1:1 confrontation.

Personally, the Blood letter was too strong in the Black Alpha season, and its nerfs are appropriate.

However, Whirl Wind technology now has a fixed attack speed, but I think it’s better to hit faster weapons like before.