Plz allow expertise till lvl 100

Exp in 1.5 seems much more easier to get. There is plenty of players with ranked 50 xpertise chars, and i know some of them with more than one char on rank 50.

We should have more incentives to play, and a good one could be raising xpertise till lvl 100 but doing last 25 leevels really large to get.

Just an option for people who likes to farm exp.


I see where that’s coming from, and I do agree. But we’ll get additional expertise systems in due time, so rest assured there will be new ceilings :slight_smile:


great to know it!!

its not gonna be another wipe when new system ready isnt it?

Definitely not. Wipes will absolutely be a last resort, and we will most likely never see one again. I don’t see such additions needing a wipe, at that.