Prayer of Smiting

I want to integrate this skill into my gundian build but am unsure if it is worth it.
One needs to find the seal of summersisle to unlock it which seems to be hard since i haven’t seen one in the skill scroll section of the AH.
Is it any good? I mean i dont expect to oneshot everything with it but it should do something notable. If someone has maxed it what does the skill tree read regarding dmg and or effect strength?

Does it need a Sword like the Planner says, ingame there is no indication that it needs a sword?

The general idea is to run in anchor, Prayer of retribution, Prayer of smiting (both with grand aura), Yahtel Fist Nova (to stun), another nova (Probably Toxic or fire) and then switch to vorpals. Kindof like in the HG Video where the Guardian is swarned by zombies and releases his nova gun to kill them all :slight_smile:

BTW it is a shame that novas are so slow and that Hestias Vision (the fast low level unique Nova) cant be nanoed up to max level. I am running around dual Hestias in Midgame and it is a blast.

The only thing I can say is no, it doesn’t need a sword.

No Sword thats good. Have to see what damage it does. It starts out with what a Novagun on my level does which is like 120-140 which is ok for the moment. I am running around with a yahtels fist and a good phase nova and the opener pretty much kills everything 1 level above in one shot. Obviously this will change later when mobs are more than 1 level higher as they are now.
But when it behaves like prayer of retribution it is castable without delay or interruption of other actions and has a decent range when grand aura is skilled. So anchor and the both prayers should do something good.

It just seems that the skill scroll is super rare as i have not seen one in the AH so far.

Dunno i am looking for the seal for ages now. There is pretty much every skill scroll in the AH but the seal of summersisle never surfaced in the last 2 weeks and i am looking a couple of times daily. Nobody seems to be able to even post one. And nobody was saying he read it in and could give information about the skill. Not sure why it is that much more rare than any other. Given that alot of people play BM or Gundian it should drop from the Abyss bosses in a similar rate as eg the heart or pendant of Talox of which there are plenty available.

Not given up but i am getting impatient on spending the 10 spared skill points.

Seal of Sumerisle is one of a few skill tokens that drop from Abyss champions, not bosses. There are others like it that I haven’t seen in the CH, but there are a couple I have albeit in low quantities.

Are you sure not from bosses which is what i was told? (well, i was told lots of different informations by now and i wish someone could post me a scroll in the chat so that i am sure i’m not chasing ghost scrolls).

But if it is from normal champions then it is super rare or even rarer than the one that drops from the Bosses because currently all other skill scrolls are available at least once. I have done endless Brompton Champion runs for a week now and there was no sign of it despite having found a couple of other scrolls - normally i would say RNG but it looks kinda weird.

There are two tiers of scrolls that can drop from champions, each being calculated separately (could get one from each) and rarer than the scrolls that drop from bosses.


  • Icon of the Archangel
  • Cross of St. Patrick
  • Nesmith’s Blast Cell
  • Scorpion Targeting System
  • Skull of Dessicator
  • Shield Hardening

Extremely rare:

  • Seal of the Bishop
  • Seal of Sumerisle
  • ElectroMag
  • Sacrifice Device Bomber
  • Claw of Errgoth
  • Gravedust

As of now, not all of the rare ones are in the CH. Because there are any at all from that tier, I have no reason to believe that Seal of Sumerisle doesn’t drop.

With Champions, do you mean yellows exclusively or elites in general?

Champions have name prefixes (rare, epic, legendary, etc). Unique/named non-bosses might also qualify since at least some of them share the same loot tables.

Yesterday a blue dropped me the seal of … the bishop - aaarghs. Could have been the other one. But at least i am getting nearer :wink:

Finally i got it. Someone kindly sold it to me :slight_smile:

So for those who are interested:

First of all it does good damage. It reads 380-420 in the aura at level 47 and it rises still to 50. So in the end it does more than the best novagun with a higher range. Which is more than expected.
Now it comes with a couple of unexpected downsides. It shares a cooldown with the other 2 prayers. Doing prayer of retribution puts it on a ca. 5 sec cooldown. And when triggering it you stop movement for a short while to do a short animation. The nova itself is graphically unspectactular.

I am still very pleased with it as it can be integrated into the playstyle i envisioned for my gundian. I generally mob up as many mobs as i can while shooting with my 1 vorpal ripper and then i anchor, release my nova (which is now a phase nova because i dont use prayer of retribution as the first prayer anymore but as a secondary one) and then the prayer of smiting. This clears out alot and looks and feels very pleasing. Normally the novaguns doesn’t kill everything, so you get a drop around you from the dying mobs and some mobs are still alive but now you get a second drop from the rest dying of the prayer aswell and all nice synced . It is like double dipping novas. Very nice.

I also feel like it is faster to farm with the 1 Ripper +Novagun setup than two Rippers (given you dont have the most uber mod setup). Stuff just dies left and right, behind and in the air now.

Against the bosses i have to test but i assume it is less effective in a 1 on 1 encounter but i can live with that.