Pretty please disallow unidentified items in the CH

Two possibilities I currently see on these, based on something I just saw: a) the person just was putting a bunch of items fast and forgot they didn’t identify one of them, which is likely the case, or b) the person willingly put an unidentified double-edged item and is trying to get someone who will actually spend money to see if the item they already bought is actually something they want, likely because there wasn’t any other option available at the time. In this case, the item was cheap and there wasn’t much worry, but I think the practice itself is detrimental towards the people who buy things from the CH; I can’t think of one CH so far that isn’t near a vendor and if the person has money for the fee, they have 25 whole palladium to buy an analyzer.

I’m clearly overthinking it, but every time I look at something like this, it just echoes a “why?” in my head. I analyze everything I put there because it’s something I’d have wanted people to do for me. Anyway, not an emergency or anything, just a suggestion backed by a rant that is generated by a mild annoyance at best, since I seldom see unidentified items there anyway.

On that note, to whoever charges a kidney for skill scrolls in the CH: I’ll find your house, go under your bed and lightly pull your foot every 3 or so hours when you’re sleeping.

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Unindentified items in the CH is a selling strategy, it is called gambling.

Farm them yourself, you will see that the time consumption justifies the price. Well and the demand of them.
But rly farm them yourself it is much more fun this way, that said Shulgoth and Sydonai have drops but where was the 3.?

And gambling, in turn, is a disgusting predatory practice; even more so when people have to spend pennies to not turn it into gambling and simply be decent to someone else. It’s a small game on a small server, so what’s the point in someone trying to make things worse for someone else just to squeeze a minimal profit? Greed? Stupidity? In my case, the person was wanting 2000 palladium for the item, which was a weapon I was interested in, but I could never justify encouraging anyone to keep doing it by purchasing the weapon, even if put as the lowest price possible in the CH.

Also, time consumption on a chance-based drop is just nonsense. I’ve gotten equipment that people seemed to think was really good (twice a +3 toxic elemental weapon), but to me it mattered little, since I got it randomly and there was no actual attempt to farm it. The gear was worthless to me because there was no investment of my own in looking for it, so I gave it away time after time, not looking back nor caring about how much money I could’ve squeezed out of someone. Then we have this happening to class skills, where some people are actually locked out of using simple skills at level 5 or 10, while other people then decide it’s a good idea to charge dozens of thousands for said things. I don’t think I need to explain why it’s bad to charge a level 10 player 50K just for them to use that one skill they thought looked pretty cool. Then we have things like bad skills being locked behind those things, so what does the player do there? They spend money to unlock it, then a point and find out it actually sucked, but now they spent a lot of their money on it and a point.

I almost spent 50K on the dark form unlock, until someone gave it to me for free and I was able to get a feel for how it worked without farming money and feeling disappointed it wasn’t as great as the price someone was trying to charge me. I reciprocate that whenever I can and am proud to say I would not have done it any differently, nor will I ever.

if i look at CH - i look for specific upgrades. there’s no place for unidentified garbage there. it’s already not great how it’s impossible to search for specific affixes.

dunno why Darkform prices are much higher than anything else. everyone wants to be a demon? or, maybe, one person tries to establish monopoly on this particular unlock.