Problem with chests in locations

Hi.Today, once again.I ran into a problem.As you know, in locations, in particular, Wake Hallow, there are houses, and next to them, sometimes.there are chests with loot.And so.sometimes, if the chest is close to the building, when opening the chest, some things hang in the walls.And it is impossible to take them.Is it possible to move such chests away from the walls of the building outside, or the pillars inside the building?Half a meter, a meter.And the problem will be solved.I think so.(But it happens that the chests are in the distance).

Map layouts are very tricky things, especially when the goal is such accurate relocations of specific objects. So I’m not quite sure this can reasonably be done - but I’ll bring it up and see what comes of it.

Maybe this.not at all, but I judge by how I can change the settings in the game folder in other games (offline) and white, for example, will become black, small will become large, etc.Is this similar to our case with chests?Or is there a different principle here?

It’s entirely different, sadly. The game’s inner workings are both very complex and rather alien to us, so such changes are often very difficult to do. Ones which require so much precision even more so.

Good.Thanks for the reply.

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