Project Awareness via Twitter?

I have recently come across many, many fans who love Hellgate London and had absolutely no idea that the London 2038 project existed. After informing them all on an individual basis it occurred to me that the London 2038 (as far as I know) does not have a Twitter account.

I was wondering if I could please have permission to create an unaffiliated Twitter account to spread awareness and news about London 2038? One of the people I helped was actually an ex-developer who now works at Naughty Dog and was sad that he never got to see his game fully realized, so when I mentioned your project it was like Christmas came early for him.

I have deep roots in the indie game scene and am currently involved with an unannounced endeavor with 3D Realms - as in I know not to make a fool out of the project should my permission request be granted.

I have no doubt that even just one or two posts would bring incredible attention to your project by fans of Hellgate London who still lament it’s lost to this day. This project is special and I simply want as many to enjoy it as possible.


I’m not a dev by any stretch, so i was wondering the same about their ability or will to advertise the project.
I’m curious about one thing especially: being a fan project private server, should the devs even advertise ? We often hear private servers being shut down by actual game rights owners. Most likely bigger owners than t3 but still.

When i saw what people were thinking about the HGG steam release, i really wanted to tell them about 2038 but rarely did as i was scared that the project existence would get knowned by t3 or something. It’s not like they care about what players say on steam, or their game but we never know.

I’m all for awareness and new players, but should the server be advertised or keep it a “secret” among fans, only using closed circle word to mouth to be safe ?

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Also not a dev, myself, and I really don’t have an answer to whether we should advertise the project far and wide.
Over the years we’ve gotten our share of advertisement though our own channels like hellgateaus and facebook/moddb profiles, sites like massivelyop who picked up the launch, and individual streamers/content creators. We’ve even been brought up many times on the boards of T3’s Steam release of the game. I know that T3 most likely knows of our existence, as do some ex Flagship devs and staff.
That exposure does come with risks, ones which I can’t gauge. We’ll likely always be in this gray area despite our precautions, so it won’t be truly safe to go above and beyond with advertising the project to the world.

All that said, we can’t really prevent anyone from spreading awareness. It comes from a place of love, and it lets old fans find their beloved game alive again. We can comment on whether we like it, and perhaps advise for or against it, but it’s mostly public knowledge already. We’ll most likely be getting some more exposure very shortly as it is, in fact.

So that’s my take. For what little I’ve contributed to it, I’m honored that the project is so loved. It brings me joy that both old fans and an ex developer of the game learned of us, and I really appreciate your intentions. But outside of outlining what I did, it’s not my place to say what the team thinks of this or what should be done.


We have definitely kept a low profile. We had some flurry of game journalism coverage when we first started the project, pre-alpha or so.

I plan to more aggressively advertise the game when beta launches, as there will be no more wipes after that point (which currently keeps a lot of people away).

You have my permission to create a twitter fan page, just mark it as unofficial, but spread the word as you see fit. Thanks for the support for the project, and it’s great to hear of the developer at Naughty Dog being delighted to hear about us.


It comes from a place of love, and it lets old fans find their beloved game alive again.

Absolutely! The existence of the London 2038 project was a dream come true for my wife and I - as I’m sure you can relate we were pretty crushed when it was first shut down. Finding out that it was not simply back online but also had been updated and patched was the icing on the cake. I was thrilled to see so many tweets still talking about HGL, and how they missed playing it.

You have my permission to create a twitter fan page, just mark it as unofficial, but spread the word as you see fit. Thanks for the support for the project, and it’s great to hear of the developer at Naughty Dog being delighted to hear about us.

Thank you very much! I think this is really going to brighten the day for many HGL fans :slight_smile:

I’ll make sure that it’s listed as an unofficial fan account, and before anything is posted live I want to update this thread just to ensure it all looks in proper order. I definitely want to make sure that I make it super clear that the original discs or ISO’s are required so that nobody mistakenly gets the incompatible Steam version by mistake.

I really appreciate the permission for this. It still makes my day knowing that HGL is not just back, but better than ever and also in the hands of some very talented people. I can tell it’s a labor of love and something that I can’t thank you enough for providing. An experience that I know many others would like to have again, and will have soon! :slight_smile:


Okay, awesome! The account has been created:

Is the bio description clear enough about it being an unofficial/unaffiliated account?

Before I start posting news I want to borrow your (IMO excellent) idea to pin a tweet to the top with essentially what you have when you enter your discord server - that it’s acknowledged London 2038 is a fan project, requires original install discs or ISO’s (and that we don’t supply them, or the keys) and a few other bits. Essentially a Twitter character friendly version of this from your Discord:

-London 2038 is not compatible with the Steam version , only the original 2007 release.
-You are own your own to get the original 2007 game, often found on sites like Amazon and eBay. The product key doesn’t matter and is only used by the game installer. Do not post links to pirated versions in public chats.
-Multiplayer only. Single player will be missing content and might not work properly.
-The only potential cost to you is getting the game. All London 2038 content is completely free.
-You cannot install single player mods with the London 2038 mod installed. A clean install is required. Single player characters also cannot be used in multiplayer.
-London 2038 will not be a Global clone. Content cannot be copied as-is for legal reasons, but “inspired” content might be added.
-This mod is based on the TCv4/MP2.0 patch. If you never played on the Test Center server, there will be content you’re not familiar with.

Do you think there should be any additional information (or any information removed?) before I start posting any news? Just want to check all my bases with you first :slight_smile:

Remember the dead, but fight for the living! :smiley:

[Edit]: Your avatar was just too cool not to borrow Omerta, I hope you don’t mind! :slight_smile:

Looks great, fire away.

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